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Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Red Church--Baptisms

Bourgeois, Jean Louis Born 23 Oct, Baptized 25 Oct 1740
Parents--Jean Baptiste Bourgeois and Marie Cavallier
Godparents--Daniel Pofs and Jean Boucherant
Signed--Fr. Prosper,Cure; Daniel Pofs, Jeanne Boucherant

Bouton, Charles Hyacinthe Baptized 9 Sep 1748
Parents--Jean Baptiste Bouton and Anne Sancie
Godparents--Charles Hyacinth LeBoeuf and Anne Barbe Marx,wife of Pomier
Signed--Fr. Prosper

Bouton, Marie Anne Born 25 Mar, Baptized 26 Mar 1754
Parents--Jean Baptiste Bouton and Marian Sensier
Godparents--Jean Baptiste Montpierre and Marie Anne Dreger
Signed-- Fr. Prosper

Bouton, Marie Francoise Baptized 22 Jul 1746
Parents--Jean Baptiste Bouton and Marie Anne Sancier
Godparents--Francois Poche and Marie Monpiere
Signed--Fr. Pierre Monpiere

Monday, September 5, 2011

Inquest Record Book #1 March 1877-Dec 1886

Page 103--Inquest was held on 22 Feb 1885 on the body of an unknown white man found drowned in the Mississippi River in front of Lone Star Plantation. The jurors verdict was that the deceased was about 35 years of age and having no identification came to his death by being drowned in the Mississippi River, cause unknown. Jurors were Henry Fry, Jacko,fils, Sam Joseph, Jos,fils, G. Williams and Clement Colly, Coroner.

Page 104--Inquest was held on 25 March 1885 on the body of Marie Lavergne, lying dead at the residence of Mr. Leopold Lavergne. The verdict of the jurors is that she came to her death by committing suicide by hanging herself by the neck with a rope and that guilt attaches to no person. Jurors were J. C. Triche, Abe Strauss, Claiborne Strawily, Ed LeBoeuf, Robert Pierre, and Clement Colly, Coroner.

Page 105--Inquest was held on 31 Mar 1885 on the body of Frank Johnson lying dead between the 30th and 31st mile posts on the Morgan LA and TX RR. The jurors verdict is that he came to his death by accidentally falling from a tree while gathering moss and that no guilt attaches to any person. Jurors were Achille James, John Williams, Adolph Scott, Christophe Weniplay, Jonna Ward, and Clement Colly, Coroner.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Baptisms of The Little Red Church by Forsyth and Ramond

Marie Joseph Andre born 25 Oct 1743, baptized 22 May 1744
Father Joseph Antoine Andre; Mother Marie Madelaine Schmidt
Sponsors Pierre Delisle and Marie Joseph Daigle
Signed Dule Dupart, Andre, Marie Joseph Daigle, Fr. Pierre

Marguerite Angelique, baptized  adult, 18 Aug 1749
Sponsors Mr. Lange, Militia Officier and Marie Joseph Daigle, spouse of Sir Roman
Signed Fr. Prosper

Marie Anne Arcenot, baptized 26 Aug 1753
Father Michel Arcenot; Mother Marie Anne Andry
Sponsors George Gimberty and Magdelaine Schmidt, spouse of Francois Dominique Le Boeuf
Signed Fr. Prosper, Cure, G. Gimberty