Wednesday, August 31, 2011

St. Charles Parish Colonial Record Books

Records are organized by Judges.

Karl Darensbourg                               1734-1765
Francois DeBellisle                            1770-1782
Jacques Maicot                                  1782-1794
Antoine St. Amand                             1795-1805
Achille Trouard                                   1805-1806
Pierre St. Martin                                 1807-1811
Andre La Tour                                    1812
Francois Basile                                   1813-1816
Claud de Jean                                     1817-1822
Jean M. Morel Guirmond                   1822-1831
Jean La Branche                                1831-1844
Francois Chaix                                  1845-1853
Emile Tastet                                      1854-1860
Celicourt St. Martin                          1861-1863
Peter J. Kramer                                 1864-1865
T. T. Boudoin                                   1866-1871                         

Monday, August 29, 2011

1860 Parish Officials

Emile Taster, Parish Recorder, age 42, born in South Carolina.

Joseph Brou, Tax Collector, age 33, born in Louisiana.

Severe Borne, Deputy Sheriff, age 30, born in Louisiana.

Celicour St. Martin, Sheriff, age 37, born in Louiiana.

Jacques Rouselle. Parish Assessor, age 26, born in Louisiana,

Alexandre Baudier, Justice of the Peace, age 35, born in Louisiana.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


1.Louis Ranson                                    05/21/1866-06/07/1866
2.Victor Laurant                                   06/08/1866-07/13 1868
3.M. Morgans                                       07/14/1868-08/15/1871
4.J.G. Badenhouser                               08/16/1871-08/24/1871
5.M. Morgans                                        08/25/1871-12/17/1872
6.George Essex                                     12/18/1872-09/30/1878    
7.Owen McLeran                                  10/01/1878-11/04/1878
8.Clement Colly                                    11/05/1878-04/20/1880
9.B.Similion LaBranicke                      04/21/1880-04/22/1883
10.Ernest Lafitte                                    04/23/1883-09/07/1883
11.T,T, Baudouin                                   09/08/1883-04/21/1884
12.Lewis Ory                                          04/22/1884-01/27/1903
13.Anthony Madere                                01/28/1903-04/15/1912
14.J.S. Patterson                                      04/16/1912-04/17/1912
15.Leon C. Vial                                       04/18/1912-03/28/1939
16.Ralph A. Dubroca                               03/29/1939-04/17/1944
17.Leon C. Vial, Jr.                                  04/18/1944-03/02/1964
18.John O. St.Amant                                03/03/1964-06/30/1972
19.Julius B. Sellers, Jr.                             07/01/1972-06/08/1976
20.John O. St.Amant                                06/09/1976-11/29/1979
21.Herbert P. LeRay, Jr.                           11/30/1979-06/30/1980
22.Charles Connell Wilson                       07/01/1980-06/30/1984

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teachers in 1860 census

1. F.O. Lutzchaunig born in England. He lived on plantation of E. S. Broaddus in the First District.
2. Francois de Mailliez born in France.
3. Elizabeth Hylisted born in Sweden.
4. Theodule Baudoin born in Louisiana.
5. Maria Korndorffer. She lived on Ory Plantation.
6. Alonzo Perret born in Louisiana.
7. Alcebiade Duropau born in Louisiana.

Monday, August 22, 2011

57 Occupations in 1860 Census

1.  Apprentice Mason                            29.Justice of the Peace  
2.  Apprentice Saddler                           30.Keeps a Woodyard
3.  Assistant Overseer                            31.Mason
4.  Assistant Postmaster                         32.Master Carpenter
5.  Baker                                                 33.Master Mason
6.  Blacksmith                                        34.Nurse
7. Bricklayer                                          35.Midwife
8.  Brick Moulder                                  36.Overseer
9.  Butcher                                             37.Parish Assesor
10.Carpenter                                          38.Parish Priest
11.Cigar Maker                                     39.Parish Recorder
12.Clerk                                                 40.Physician                                               
13.Clerk of Court                                   41.Plantation Manager
14.Contractor                                         42.Planter
15.Cook                                                 43.Rail Roader
16.Cooper                                              44.Sawyer
17.Deputy Sheriff                                  45.Schoolmaster
18.Farm Laborer                                    46.Sea Captain
19.Farmer                                               47.Seamstress
20.Ferryman                                           48.Ship Carpenter
21.Gardener                                           49.Shoemaker
22.Grocer                                               50.Surveyor
23.Groom                                               51.Tailor
24.Hotel Clerk                                       52.Tax Collector
25.Hotel Keeper                                     53.Teacher
26.House Keeper                                    54.Watchman
27.House Servant                                   55.Washerwoman
28.Hunter                                               56.Wood Chopper
                                                               57.Wood seller

Sunday, August 21, 2011

People from 23 Countries in St. Charles 1860 Census

Africa--2; Austria--1; Bavaria--3; Belgium--3; Denmark--1; England--6; France--19; Genoa--2;      Guiana--1; Ireland--12; Italy--1; Jamacia--2; Maderia--1; Martinique--4; Mexico--2; Poland--1;  Portugal--1; Prussia--4; Sardinia--2; Spain--1; St. Domingo--9; Sweden--1; Switzerland--6.              

Lack of Posts

I've been off the computer not so much due to illness, but pain from several sources. FINALLY, it seems that we've found medicine that works that I don't have trouble taking and I'm going to use acupuncture.

I still have so much more information about St. Charles Parish that I'd like to share.