Thursday, July 22, 2010


Albert Brown   34,770   Colored
   Residence Sellers, born Sellers, LA 22 3/12 years
   Inducted Hahnville 28 Oct 1917
   162 Dep Brig to discharge, PVT
   Discharged 10 Jan 1918   no injuries   S.C.D. disabled

Frank Brown   2,567,125   Colored
   Residence Ama, born Kenner,LA 24 2/12 years
   Inducted Hahnville 27 Apr 1918
   162 Dep Brig to 11 May 1918; Co A, 525 Engrs to discharge, PVT
   Served overseas 10 Jul 1918 to 3 Jul 1919
   Discharged 23 Jul 1919   no injuries

Howard Brown   3,303,791   Colored
   Residence Killona, born Natchez, MS 29 3/12 years
   Inducted Hahnville 28 Jun 1918
   164 Dep Brig to 30 Jul 1918; Co F, 805 Pion Inf to discharge, PVT
   Discharged 15 Aug 1919   no injuries

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

St. Charles Parish--1883

"St. Charles Herald", 14 July 1883

A steam ferry is coming to the Harvey Canal.

The moss factories in Gretna are quite busy cleaning and baling moss. Much moss comes from Boutte in St. Charles and is here properely cured, cleaned and baled and then sold to local speculators and shipped to Europe and the west.  Mr. Chapsky, of St. Charles, is a competitor in the business. He has an excellent moss pickery at the Boutte road on the river where he bales a large quanity and ships it principally to the west.

On Wednesday evening Rev. Father Jobard tied the silken knot between our esteemed friends, Mr. Thomas Casey of Ashton Plantation and the charming Miss Lizzie Teichert, so well and favorabbly known in Hahnville.

The piece of road fronting John Mongrue's place near Gassen's store is impossible. Last Thursday evening Mr. Baque's horse and buggy stuck in the middle of the puddle and it was with some difficulty that with some difficulty that both owner and horse were extricated.

Monday, July 19, 2010

School News--1897

The board met on 5 Mar 1897 to elect a president to succeed Mr. T. T. Baudouin. Mr. H. L. Youngs was elected president pro tem. All board members were present and unanimously elected Mr. Youngs as president.

The resignation of Mr. T. T. Baudouin was accepted and a note of thanks will be tendered to him for past services and expressing the regret that the board feels from his resignation.

The board president was authorized to sign the warrant for payment of a building at Fashion.

Mr. A. E. Picard was appointed a member of the committee on teachers to succeed Mr. Youngs.

Mr. J. Baudouin was authorized to buy pickets and build a fence around the new school at Fashion and to also have a gate made.

Bills were approved for payment to Gaston Debotte for repairs on the school at Killona for $7 and to W. O'Leary for repairs on the Gassen School for $4.75.

A motion was approved to have dinners served at the meetings with the cost not to exceed $4.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inquest Records, Book 1, March 1877-December 1886

Page 67.   Inquest was held on 13 May 1883 on the Texas Pacific Railroad, in the rear of the property of late Mrs. Joseph Touzann, on an unknown black man lying dead, before Coy Clinton, Justice of the Peace, 1st Ward. Verdict of the jurors is that he came to his death by smallpox and exposure to the inclemency of the weather. Jurors were John Bush, Bill L(?), Adam Joseph, Isham Reed, Mc(?) Williams and Coy Clinton,JP.

Page 68.   Inquest was held on 22 April 1883 at the Good Hope Plantation on an unknown white woman, lying here dead, before George Scott, Jr., Justice of the Peace of the 3rd Ward. The verdict of the jurors is that this unknown white woman came to her death by drowning, but cannot say whether any guilt attaches to any person. Jurors were Peter Brown, Aron Washington, Charles Jenkins, Shrederick Jennifer, A. P. Alexander and George Scott Jr., J. P.

Page 69.   Inquest was held on 24 April 1883 at the front of the Boutte Road on the Batture, of an unknown white man, here lying dead, before the Justice of the Peace of the 2nd Ward, C. C. A. Stephens. Jurors verdict is that this unknown white man came to his death by accidental drowning and his body was found floating in the river. Jurors were Peter Myer, Joseph Alexandre, Ursin Rousseaux, Charles Gassen, Antoine Gassen, and C. C. A. Stephens, J. P.

Friday, July 16, 2010

WWI Records--Veterans

Robert Bobey   34,759   Colored
   Residence St. Rose, Born Kenner, LA   28 6/12 years
   Inducted Hahnville 28 Oct 1917
   162 Dep Brig to discharge
   Discharged 12 Mar 1918 on 5CD   no injuries

Paul L. Bourg   2,591,074   White
   Residence Destrehan, Born New Orleans, LA   5 Jun 1887
   Inducted Hahnville 30 Jun 1918
   Tank Corps, Camp Colt, PA to discharge   PVT
   Discharged 20 Aug 1918   no injuries   Physical Disability

Sidney Bourgeois   2,922,104   White
   Residence Luling, Born Taft, LA   29 years
   Inducted Hahnville 5 July 1918
   Co K 43 Inf to discharge   PVT
   Discharged 18 Mar 1919   no injuries

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Neighbors--1860 in St. John Parish by J. W. Dorr, continued

                                                           The Parish Seat

     Edgard Post-office, forty-two miles above New Orleans, one of the two post-offices of the parish of St. John---Bonnet Carre, on the left bank, five miles below, being the other. That settlement is about the size of this. Here are some ninety or a hundred buildings, along the levee road, two or three pretty nice stores, the parish buildings, well built of brick, a neat Catholic church, and a graveyard of considerable extant and well filled with its silent inhabitants. Some of the monuments are fine. The mail to and from the post-office are carried three times a week.
     There are two newspapers published in the parish, "La Jeunne Amerique", at Bonnet Carre, and "La Meschacebe", at this place. There are eight public schools in the parish, four on each bank, and eight school districts. The mill tax for the support of schools amounts to nearly $4500, and the number of educable children is nearly seven hundred. The  whole tax paid by the parish into the coffers of the State is about $15,000, and the parish tax is between five and six thousand dollars.
     The total value of property in the parish is returned at about $4,500,000, half of which is the value of slaves, of whom there are over 4000 to about three thousand whites. The mercantile interest in this parish is of much greater importance than in St. Charles, numerous stores being scattered along the levee road at comparatively brief intervals. Wherever the middling classes are a considerable proportion of the population, there the country stores are numerous; where the wealthy planters predominate, they are scarce, for everything that the planter does not raise on his estate he purchases in the city, and there the planters' ladies go to do their shopping.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

1883 in St. Charles Parish

Continuing with the 7 July 1883 edition of the "St. Charles Herald."

     We are pleased to state, that owing to the energy displayed by our polite and attentive grocer, Mr. C. Roullier, the citizens of Hahnville, can enjoy every Saturday evening and Sunday, ice cream, cakes, etc.
     We have received, through the kindness of our energetic butcher, Mr. Charles Block, from A. V. Williams, Esq., manager of Milliken and Kearney Plantation, about 5 miles above Hahnville, a blue ribbon stalk of sugar cane, 1 1/4 inch thick and 5 feet high, not including the foliage, and containing 6 well-developed red joints. We challenge any one to take the ribbon.
     Since the above was written we have received from Mr. J. S. Brady of the John A. Morris' Ashton Plantation, a stalk of sugar cane containing 7 well-developed red joints and the joints are longer than those of the former cane.
     We regret to know of the lack of public interest displayed by our Police Jury, at their meeting of Monday last, in not appropriating a small amount or providing in a prompt and effective manner by having the State Law enforced for the roads and bridges, which are a disgrace to our parish. We are both to feel compelled to mention this subject once more and certainly would not do so if there was no money in the parish treasury, but as this is not the case, with all due deference to our friends, the members of the police jury, we are constrained to believe that this is a matter of false economy on their part, which we trust they will not fail to reconsider favorably.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

WWI Veterans

Bennett, Valarie  3,343,373  Colored
Residence St. Rose, Born in St. Rose, LA   20 May 1896  
Inducted St. Charles Parish  16 July 1918
161 Dep Brig to 2 Aug 1918; Camp Grant, IL Aug Aut Rep 1 Draft to 14 Aug 1918; Co D 416 Reserves Labor Bn to discharge  PVT lcl 5 Nov 1918
Discharged 12 May 1919   no injuries

Bestoso, George W.   2,919,552   White
Residence Hahnville, born Hahnville, LA   19 Jun 1896
Inducted Hahnville 15 Aug 1918
Student Army Tng Corps, Tulane University; Camp Martin, LA to discharge   PVT
Discharged 9 Dec 1918   no injuries

Blaze, Peter   3,342,091   Colored
Residence Sellers, born Soplare, LA   12 Sep 1890
Inducted LB #2 Chicago, LA 17 Jul 1918
161 Dep Brig to 3 Aug 1918; Aug Repl Bn Camp  Grant, IL to 15 Sep 1918; Prisoner of War Escort Co #53 to discharge
PVT lcl 9 Dec 1918
Served overseas 22 Aug to 6 Mar 1919
Discharged 5 Apr 1919   no injuries


Friday, July 9, 2010

School News--13 Feb 1897 continued

The committee on teachers submitted the following names of teachers they appointed.
First Ward--Miss A. J. Dougherty at Trinity white school; Mrs. T .J. Troxler at Troxler white school; J. H. Gilmer at Baumgarden black school and Miss K. Gilmore at Hahnville white school.

Second Ward--A. W. Brazier at Flagville black school, Miss M. J. Jenkins at Fashion white school, Mrs. J. D. Triche at Gassonville white school; G. S. Washington at Gassonville black school; Miss K. G. Hanley at Madisonville white school and Miss Egenia Logan at Madisonville black school.

Third Ward--Miss M. McCall at Keller white school and Miss V. Pierson at Prattsville black school.

Fourth Ward--Miss Beauvois at Boutte white school; Andrew Smith at 28 Mile Post black school and Miss Effie Porteous at Des Allemands white school.

Fifth Ward--Miss K. Gleason at Elkinsville white school and Mrs. D. R. Russell at Elkinsville black school.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Inquest Records Book 1, March 1877- December 1886

Page 64.  Inquest was held 7 Nov 1882 at Star Plantation, on the body of A. Williams by Coy Clinton, Justice of the Peace, 1st Ward. The jurors verdict is that he came to his death by Diarha(sic), caused by inseperance(sic). Jurors were Gus Stewart, Randall Hunt, Ginn Williams, Alex Gillerm, Rev. H. C. Johnson and Coy Clinton.

Page 65. Inquest was held on the 11 March 1883 on the body of Joseph Clendon at Ashton Plantation, before the 2nd Ward Justice of the Peace. Jurors verdict is that he was killed by two gunshot wounds inflicted in the head and in the right eye, wounds being about an inch and a half apart, one penetrating through the skull and emerging the top of the head, either one of which could be fatal. Wounds were inflicted by a 44 calabre(sic) British Bull Dog pistol in the hands of Morgan Flowers, who is now in custody of the Sheriff. Jurors were M. R. B(ene)?, Charles Gassen, Louis Thomas, John H. Bacehux, F. J. Casey,(Cele)?, A. Stephens, 2nd J.P.

Page 66.  Inquest was held on 26 Dec 1882 on the body of Paul Ben who was found dead in his bed on the Mary Plantation in the first ward. The verdict of the jurors was he died of penonumomia(sic) of the lungs. Jurors were Timothy Aikens, Eugene Mitchell, Joseph Lagnson, Felix Brown, Jos. Stein, Joseph B. Friedman, Dy. Coroner.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1724 Census--German Neighbors

4.  Andreas Krestmann (Christmann) from Augsburg, wheelwright, his wife, two sons, 10 and 12 years, two orphan girls, 8 and 15 years, 6 arpents land, two years on place. A cow, a heifer, a calf and three pigs. He is industrious and is at work fencing in his cleared land. He made a good levee and paid in advance the workmen who made it for him at a cost of 100 pistoles. Deserves a Negro.

These last four men occupied one section of Bienville's land up to Napolean Ave. The next group started about the upper line of Audubon Park.

5.  Simon Kuhn of Weissenburg, Ansbach, Bavaria, his wife, daughter, son-in-law, Daniel Hopf, age 20 of Cassen, Diocese of Spire, orphan boy, 12. A cow, calf and three pigs. One year on land. Had to change land twice, forced to give up cabin on account of water. Good worker. Oldest daughter, Anna, was the widow of  Johann Adam Zweig (Labranche) who died in Biloxi. She had a daughter of 12 years.

6.  Thomas Lesch (Leche) has three arpents land.  He married Anna Schoderbecker of Wurtemberg in 1725 in New Orleans. In 1726 he had a wife and one engage.

7.  Joseph Strantz with three arpents.

8.  Mueller with six arpents.

9.  Johann Weber, 24, born near Fort Kehl, Baden, his wife, mother-in-law and orphan girl,16. A cow, a heifer, a bull and four pigs. One year on place. His wife was Maria Stadler, daughter of Ulrich and Maria Stadler, who all came to Louisiana together.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Information about St. Charles Parish

The 1984 Raceland Junior High Yearbook has a section called "An  Education Legacy, Vol. 2, 1983" that has a lot of interesting information for the genealogist. There is a list of Des Allemands Carvers, an interesting interview with Adam Badeaux of Bayou Gauche who gives some information about Comardelle Village, Tete Du Maur Isle and Black Prince Isle and families that first lived there. There are also stories of the Bowie Lumber Co. where many of our ancestors worked, and names of other St. Charles residents in this section.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

WWI Veterans

Belsome, Achille   2,918,782   White
Residence Hahnville, born Hahnville, Louisiana, born 22 Aug 1894
Inducted 15 July 1918, Hahnville
Co A Tulane University Tng Det., Camp Martin, LA to 12 Sep 1918; C Dep of Galvestin, Ft. Crockett, TX CAC to discharge  Pvt
Discharged 13 Dec 1918   no injuries

Benarby, Lamar   3,303,750   Colored
Res Ama, Born Ama, Louisiana, age 24 10/12 years
Inducted 20 Jun 1918, Hahnville
Co K 1 Prov Regt Det, Camp Funston, KY to 15 Jul 1918; 895 Pion Inf to 28 Jul 1918; 4 Dep Labor Co Army Service C to discharge   Pvt lcl, 1 Oct 1918
Served overseas 30 Aug 1918 to 30 Jul 1919
Discharged 15 Aug 1919   no injuries

Thursday, July 1, 2010

School News 1897

The St. Charles School Board met on 13 Feb 1897. Present were L. A. Keller, A. Gassen, Jas. Baudouin, T. J. Sellers, H. L. Youngs. Absent were A. E. Picard, T. T. Baudouin and P. M. Keller.

Mr. H. L. Youngs was elected president pro-tem. A communication from T. T. Baudouin was held over until next meeting. Reports were received from the committee on the examination of the tax collectors and the parish treasurer's books and the committee on teachers.

The president was authorized to appoint a committee for the purpose of building a schoolhouse in the 2nd Ward for white students on the land donated by Mrs. J. B. Martin. The school will be 35 feet long by 25 feet wide and 11 feet clear from the floor to ceiling. It shall be built of a good substantial lumber and shall be built on brick pillars and the total cost shall not exceed $500. Mr. J. Baudouin, Gassen and Keller were appointed to make all necessary arrangements.

Mr. A. E. Picard was appointed to look into the possibility of obtaining a deed to the Trinity School property.

Bills approved for payment were for postage and stationery, $1.50; express for school registers, 35 cents; freight on heater, 25 cents; Hansell Brothers for school registers, $17; repairs for Boutte School, $1.25; and a heater for Madisonville School, $5.10.