Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sugar Made in Louisiana 1844--continued

St. Charles--Left side

Honore Landreaux  34
Mrs. Delhomere  32
P. A. Rost  32
Charles Oxley  32
Mrs. F. Trepagnier 31
Hermogene Labranche  30
Mrs. Drauzin Labranche  29
Mrs. McCutcheon  26
P. A Rost  25
Pierre Soniat  23
O. & A. Labranche  22
Mrs. Louis Labranche  21
F. Pizeros  21
Ed. Portier, Jr. & Co.  18

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sugar Made in Louisiana in 1844

"Statement of Sugar Made In Louisiana  1844
by P. A. Champomier, reprinted 1987 by Roland R. Stansbury. Champomier's reports were published from 1844-1863.

St. Charles Parish Planters --right side and distance from New Orleans

Garcia & Sorapuru, 37 miles
Mrs. Deneufbourg, 36
Mrs. Zenon Ranson, 35
Charles Perret & Co., 34
Joseph Bourgeois, 33
Mrs. Charles Perret, Jr., 33
Chauvin & Levois, 32
J. B. Troxler & Co., ---
Mrs. A. Brou & son, 31
Mrs. Delery & Bry, 30
Ed. Fortier, 30
Chas. Rixner & Co., 29
Joseph Girod, 28
Mrs. J. B. Labranche, 27
Francois Meyronne, 25
George Rixner, 24
Chas. A. Jacobs, ---
Mrs. Massicot, 23
St. Martin Mechin, ---
Onesiphor St. Amant, 22
J. B. St. Amant, ---
D. Lanaux & L. Charbonnet, 21

Left side to be continued.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Louisiana Settlers in 1778

A good book to read about early LA is "Louisiana: The Land and Its People" by Dr. Sue Eakin and Monie Culbertson, Pelican Publishing Co., Gretna, LA, 1986

On page 154 I found this interesting information. "A royal decree in 1778 encouraged settlers to come to Louisiana. The head of each family was given a land grant of 5 arpents fronting a stream. He could own as far back as he could clear. The allotment also included one bushel of corn for each adult and half a bushel for each child for the first year. Each family received a hoe, an axe, a scythe or sickle, a spade, ten hens and a cock, and a two month old pig."

I sure am glad I started out with a little more than that.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Inquest Records Book #1--March 1877 to December 1886

Page 94.  Inquest was held on the body of Warren Wright on 29 Sep 1884, lying dead on the Morgan Louisiana and Texas Railroad, before CCA Stephens, deputy coroner. The jurors' verdict is that due to information received under oath of Alexander Meek, Isea Davis, and George Alick that Warren Wright  came to his death by congestive chills while at work on the ML&T RR. Jurors were John Lyle, Andrew Hawkins, Geo. Atkins, and CCA Stephens, Dy coroner, authorized by Clement Colly, Coroner. J. B. Martin, Clerk.

Page 95.  Inquest was held on 31 Oct 1884 on the body of Eliza Hawkins at the Louisa Plantation. The jurors' verdict is that she came to her death suddenly by the visitation of God and not otherwise and that no guilt attaches to any other person. Jurors were Alex Johnson, Zeno Joseph, Pierre Christoulph, Wm Johnson, Parker Murray and Clement Colly, Coronor, J. B. Martin, Clerk.

Page 96.  Inquest was held on 18 Nov 1884 over the body of Bono Jimmio lying dead on the Morgan LA and Texas RR. The Jurors' verdict is that he came to his death by some unknown violence committed on the RR by some unknown person as there was a wound in his left side inflicted by a knife or other sharp instrument. The Name Bono Jimmio being found on a shirt that was on the person of the deceased. Jurors were Joshua Ward, Davis Pierce, John Robinson, Stephen Johnson, Alfred Dennis, and Clement Colly, Coroner. J. B. Martin, Clerk and J.C. Triche, Dy Clerk.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Little Red Church Baptisms 1739-1755 by A.Forsyth & C. Ramond

Becnel, Marguerite Elizabeth   Baptized 10 Aug 1751
Parents, Thomas Becnel and Catherine Brou
Sponsors, Ivan Dervain and Marguerite Dervain
Signed, Father Prosper

Becnelle, Thomas   Baptized 9 Mar 1749
Parents, Thomas Becnelle and Catherine Brou
Sponsors, Pierre Antoine Brou and Francoise Heidel
Signed, Father Prosper, Brou

Becnel, Pierre Antoine  Baptized 14 Mar 1745
Parents, Thomas Becnel and Catherine Brou
Sponsors, Antoine Boucheron and Anne Eloise Adam
Signed, Father Pierre

Belsum, Andre   Baptized 12 Jan 1755
Parents, Andre Belsum and Marie Anne Edelmaire
Sponsors, Andre Edelmaire and Marguerite Sechschneider
Signed, Father Prosper, Cure

Friday, September 24, 2010

WWI Veterans

Albert Cannon   1,611,440   Colored
Residence Killona, Born Killona, LA 8 Nov 1894
Inducted Hahnville 29 July 1918, CO B-419 Reserve Labor Bn to discharge.
Discharged 10 Mar 1919; PVT, no injuries

Joseph A. Cannon   1,611,444   Colored
Residence Killona, Born Killona, LA 18 Oct 1889
Inducted Hahnville 29 July 1918, Co B-419 Reserve Labor Bn to 18 Sep 1918; Co C-328 Serv Bn to discharge.
 Served overseas 13 Oct 1918 to 23 Aug 1919
Corp 21 Oct 1918; Sgt 21 July 1919
Discharged 2 Sep 1919   no injuries

Sidney Cannon   3,3033,770    Colored
Residence Hahnville, Born St. Charles Parish, LA  age 24 6/12 years
Inducted Hahnville 20 Jun 1918, Co F, 805 Pion Inf to discharge
Served overseas 2 Sep 1918 to 27 Jun 1919
Discharged 12 July 1919, PVT, no injuries

John Cannon   1,619,738   Colored
Residence Killona, Born Killona, LA 29 Sep 1895
Inducted St. Charles Parish 25 Sep 1918, 1st Co Dentention Camp, Camp Beauregard, LA to discharge
Discharged 23 Jan 1919, PVT, no injuries

Thursday, September 23, 2010

From the School Board Minutes 4 Jan 1896

The board met except P.M. Kenner absent

Total receipts for last year $5375.95. Disbursements were $4445.41. Balance is $930.54.

Resolved: No male teachers be employed in any school as long as competent females can be employed.

Insurance against fire on Des Allemands School is $3.75 .

No results have been succeeded in getting a lot donated in Wards 2-3 and 3-3, so new try will be made in Wards 2-2 and 3-2.

School house of the following dimensions, 35' long and 25' wide and 12 feet from floor to ceiling shall  be built of good cypress lumber with the exception of floor and ceiling which may be of pine and shall be placed on brick pillars. Total cost not to exceed $500 each.

Mr. Jas. Iv. Frellsen agrees to pay $300 (3 years in advance) for lease for a discount (board approves if discount does not exceed 6%).

Sixteen public schools will open for 1897, 10 for white and 7 for black pupils for 5 months beginning February.

Prospective teachers should meet on 15 Jan 1896 at the courthouse to receive applications and examinations.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

St. Charles Parish in 1883

The St. Charles Herald,  21 July 1883

Bayou Des Allemands items--Mr. Max Trauth, our energetic section foreman and one of the best section foremen on the road, has cut the grass and cleared the rubbish around  and about the station giving the place a neat appearance. His own residence has also been thoroughly repaired and fences, etc. whitewashed. Things around his place look as bright as a new dollar. It is said that the section under his (words missing) compares favorably with that of any of the road. The road offers prizes for the best section. If our friend Max don't get the prize it won't be his fault.

The schooner Maria has been entirely renovated and her external appearance presents quite a pleasing effect. Captain Louis Macheson is in command. He is an experienced sailor. It is understood that a party of Boutte residents contemplate making an excursion to the Temple, 12 miles distance from here. The Temple is quite a picturesque spot. Enroute can be  seen gigantic shell mounds, built by Indians years ago. It seems strange that these excursions are not more freuently made. The schooner referred to can be hired at a very moderate price. A trip on her would be highly enjoyable especially during the warm weather. We have a delightful breezw from the bayou at all times.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Police Jury Minutes, 5 July 1897 continued

On motion of Mr. Picard, seconded by Mr. Kuhlman, the following resolution was adopted viz Resolved that all persons, associations of persons selling mineral, water, soda, mead, pops etc except as provided by Act 150 of 1890 shall pay a license as graduated under section 11 of said act and when gross sales are less than $2000 the license shall be $5.

The finance committee reported for approval and on motion of Mr. Madere, the following bills were ordered payable out of contingent fund of 1897.
     Lewis Ory, Sheriff--attending District Court May term 1897, $30; expenses for testing dogs June 1897, $13.97; keeping courthouse clean, May and June 1897, $20.
     G. Lorio, for stationery 2 July 1897, $15.40
     J. C. Triche, for 3 boxes pens June 1897, $3.00
     R. J. Perkins, 500 court blanks, 7 June 1897, $4.00
     Mrs. G. Myers, prescription for smallpox, $1.50
     A. E. Picard, expenses for attending Board of Assessment on railroad, 1897, $65.
     W. E. Uniacke, expense for serving subpoenas, 7 May 1897, $2.20.
     John Rupp, for burial of Joseph Brown on 6 June 1897, $12.
     William Scott, for burial of unknown black man, 19 June 1897, $12

Monday, September 20, 2010

Index to Baptisms,The Little Red Church 1739-1755 by Forsyth and Ramond

Barbay, Anne Barbe born 7 Jan 1754; Baptized 27 Jan 1754
Parents: Louis Barbay and Marguerite Gatelais
Sponsors:Jean Bar and Anne Barbe Baumene, spouse of Sr. Delande
Witnesses:Barbay, father of the infant and Father Prosper

Barbay, Pierre: Baptized 19 Dec 1751
Parents: Louis Barbay and Marguerite Gattelet
Sponsors:Pierre Lavergne and Marie Josephe Delande
Witnesses:P. Lavergne, Barbay, M. Joseph Delande and Father Prosper

Bare, Julienne: Baptized 26 Sep 1753
Parents: Jean Bar and Marie Louise Lavergne
Sponsors: Jean Bar and Francoise Lavergne Inguinberti
Witnesses: Father Romuald, Jean Bar and Francoise Ingimberty

Bare, Marie Elizabeth: Born 5 Feb Baptized 16 Mar 1755
Parents: Jean Bare and Marie Louise Lavergne
Sponsors: Pierre Lavergne and Marie Elizabeth La Bare, spouse of Sr. Trepagnier
Witnesses: P. Lavergne and Father Prosper

Sunday, September 19, 2010

German Neighbors in 1724

16.  Johann Fuchs from Berne, Switzerland, Catholic, 38, wife and daughter. Four arpents of land that he paid 250 livres for. About one year on his place. He made no crop due to illness.

17.  Lorenz Ritter, Jr., age 20. Just beginning on eight arpents.

This census does not give the names of orphans living with these families or other Germans working on their farms. The author used other sources to find the names of other early Germans living in the New Orleans area.

1. Michael Zehringer was from Franconia, Bavaria.His name was first found on the passenger list on the ship "Le Dromadaire" in 1720 with 60 other workman. In 1721 he heads the list of "ouviers" of the king as master carpenter. In 1722 he was in Biloxi tearing down a house and found things he had taken from the old fort and hidden there. In 1722 his wife Ursula Spaet died and also his daughter, Salome, who was 18 years old.  In 1723 he married Barbara Haertel the widow of two other men, Magnus Albert and Joseph Balliff. She and Michael had four sons, Michael, Pierre Laurent, Joseph and Jean Louis. In the census of 1731 Michael, his wife and three sons lived in the Sixth District of New Orleans. He had one engage, twelve negroes, four negresses, and 27 cows. He died in 1738.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Inquest Records Book #1 March 1877-December 1886

Page 89.   Inquest was held on the body of Alex Washington on 6 Jun 1884 at Bayou LaBranche before 5th Ward JP Antoine Clark. The jurors' verdict say that Aron Thomas of St. Charles Parish on the 5 Jun 1884 in the peace of the State then and there being Alexander Washington at the hour of 12 o' clock on the Jackson Railroad at a place called Bayou LaBranche did there and then threaten to kill Aron Thomas and with his weapon, a shotgun in his hands with malice aforethought did make an assault and him, the said  Aron Thomas fired and used every effort as to prevent from committing himself left the said Alexander Washington and  flee from there in fear of death could not escape so the said Aron Thomas himself in the preservation of his life against the said Alexander Washington to defend and in his own defense him the said Aron Thomas defended his life by shooting the said Alexander Washington in his jaw and throat with a musket of which  caused death instantly in his own defense. Jurors were William Erwing, Louis Williams, Joseph Eugene, Joseph Schexkemberger, and C. C. A. Stephens, Antoine Clark, 5th Ward JP. Filed J.B. Martin, Clerk.

Page 90.   Inquest was held upon the body of Victor Joseph on 4 Jan 1884, lying dead, before Coy Clinton, 1st Ward JP acting as Coroner. The jurors' verdict is that he came to his death by being frozen to death back of Hahnville. Jurors were Paul Johnston, Charles Thomas, Robert Pierre, Michel Pierre, Bazil Pierre, and Coy Clinton, acting Coroner. J. B. Martin, Clerk. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Baptisms of The Little Red Church by Forsyth and Ramond

Marie Joseph Andre born 25 Oct 1743, baptized 22 May 1744
Father Joseph Antoine Andre; Mother Marie Madelaine Schmidt
Sponsors Pierre Delisle and Marie Joseph Daigle
Signed Dule Dupart, Andre, Marie Joseph Daigle, Fr. Pierre

Marguerite Angelique, baptized  adult, 18 Aug 1749
Sponsors Mr. Lange, Militia Officier and Marie Joseph Daigle, spouse of Sir Roman
Signed Fr. Prosper

Marie Anne Arcenot, baptized 26 Aug 1753
Father Michel Arcenot; Mother Marie Anne Andry
Sponsors George Gimberty and Magdelaine Schmidt, spouse of Francois Dominique Le Boeuf
Signed Fr. Prosper, Cure, G. Gimberty

Saturday, September 4, 2010

WWI Veterans

Monroe Bryant   3,303,848   Colored
Residence Killona, born Plattenburg, LA, age 22 4/12 years
Inducted Hahnville 20 Jun 1818, 14 Provisional Co, 164 Dep Brig to 30 Jul 1918; Co A, 805 Pion Inf to discharge, PVT
Served overseas 15 Sep 1818 to 27 Apr 1819
Discharged 29 May 1919 SCD, no injuries, 12 1/2 % disabled

Washington Bryant   3,303, 824   Colored
Residence Taft, born Taft, LA, age 20 3/12 years
Inducted Hahnville 20 Jun 1818, 164 Dep Brig to 30 July 1918; Co A, 805 Pion Inf to discharge, PVT
Served overseas 2 Sep 1818 to 27 June 1919
Discharged, no injuries

Joseph Cacagne   2,097,252   White
Residence Montz, born Reserve, age 22 2/12 years
Inducted Hahnville 6 Apr 1818, 162 Dep Brig to 4 Sep 1918; Co C, 331 Inf to 4 Oct 1918; Prisoner of War Escort Co #76 to --; Co C 331 Inf to discharge  Corp 6 May 1919
Served overseas 16 Aug 1818 to 14 Jun 1919
Discharged 21 Jun 1919, no injuries

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Inquest Records Book #1 March 1877--December 1886

Page 86.   Inquest was held on the body of an unknown white man on 22 May 1884, found lying dead at the  Davis Plantation in the Davis Crevasse before 2nd Ward JP. The juror's verdict was that he came to his death by the hands of some unknown person from a penetrating wound in his hip 2 inches in length and the body found floating in the Davis Crevasse. Jurors were Louis Williams, Phillip Atkins, Marshall Bennett, Simon Schlinger, William Williams and C. C. A. Stephens, 2nd Ward JP, acting coroner, filed by J. C. Triche, Dy. Clerk, J. B. Martin, Clerk.

Page 87.   Inquest was held on the body of an unknown colored man on 25 Jan 1884 lying dead before George Scott, JP 3rd Ward. Jurors' verdict was that he came to his death by being frozen to death. Jurors were Harry Harrison, Amos Wright, Shedrick Guinifer, Joshua Scott, Robb Henry and George Scott, 3rd JP, acting coroner, filed by J. B. Martin, Clerk.

Page 88.   Inquest was held on the body of John Patrick, lying dead on 23 May 1884 before Coy Clinton, JP 1st Ward, Acting Coroner. Jurors' verdict was that he accidentally drowned while floating logs in the rear of the Troxler Plantation. Jurors were Thomas Pierre, Michel Pierre, Robert Robson, Leven Gross, Jules Phinnon and Coy Clinton, acting coroner. Filed by J. C. Triche, Dy. Clerk. J. B. Martin, Clerk  

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School Board Records 6 July 1895 and 5 Oct 1895

     6 July 1895--Board voted to repair the school at Hahnville  at a cost not to exceed $200 and authorized a fence to be built around the school at Elkinsville at a cost not to exceed $30.
     The police jury donated $500 to the school board and the school board voted to set this amount aside to be used exclusively in the purpose of building a schoolhouse in Ward 2 or 3 , if the people donate a lot for that purpose. 

     5 Oct 1895--School board members meeting were T. T. Baudouin, Charles Elfer, A. Gassen, A. E. Picard, P. M. Picard, P. M. Kenner, W. L. Youngs, and A. Kinler. J. Triche and Abe Strauss recently appointed members, presented their commissions and were recognized as members of the school board.
     Total receipts of $1413.05 for the quarter, balance is $1111.09. Total repairs at Hahnville were $180 so the board voted to have the building whitewashed.
     Report of Lewis Ory, Sheriff and tax collector that he had received a list of 2429 names of persons owing a poll tax and that he had collected $682 leaving a balance of $1747 which he was unable to collect because  the persons had no property subject to seizure .
     A communication was received from Mr. J. W. Frellsen regarding the school lands and offering to rent same for $100 per year for four years. Read into minutes.
     The board passed a resolution to examine the books of the sheriff and treasurer. Charles Elfer, assessor of the parish has failed to render to the school board a list of persons liable to pay a poll tax by the first Saturday in October as required by law under penalty of removal from office and a fine.  Mr. Elfer requests more time and was granted until Saturday, 12 of October 1895.
     Board authorizes to lease to J. W. Frellsen Sec. 16 in T.13, SR 19E and Sec. 16 in T14, SR 21E for 4 years at $100 year payable at  the beginning of each year.
     Board approves expenses of Superintendent for attending a convention at Opelousas for $24 and the Secretary for $3.70  for postage and stationery.