Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School Board Records 6 July 1895 and 5 Oct 1895

     6 July 1895--Board voted to repair the school at Hahnville  at a cost not to exceed $200 and authorized a fence to be built around the school at Elkinsville at a cost not to exceed $30.
     The police jury donated $500 to the school board and the school board voted to set this amount aside to be used exclusively in the purpose of building a schoolhouse in Ward 2 or 3 , if the people donate a lot for that purpose. 

     5 Oct 1895--School board members meeting were T. T. Baudouin, Charles Elfer, A. Gassen, A. E. Picard, P. M. Picard, P. M. Kenner, W. L. Youngs, and A. Kinler. J. Triche and Abe Strauss recently appointed members, presented their commissions and were recognized as members of the school board.
     Total receipts of $1413.05 for the quarter, balance is $1111.09. Total repairs at Hahnville were $180 so the board voted to have the building whitewashed.
     Report of Lewis Ory, Sheriff and tax collector that he had received a list of 2429 names of persons owing a poll tax and that he had collected $682 leaving a balance of $1747 which he was unable to collect because  the persons had no property subject to seizure .
     A communication was received from Mr. J. W. Frellsen regarding the school lands and offering to rent same for $100 per year for four years. Read into minutes.
     The board passed a resolution to examine the books of the sheriff and treasurer. Charles Elfer, assessor of the parish has failed to render to the school board a list of persons liable to pay a poll tax by the first Saturday in October as required by law under penalty of removal from office and a fine.  Mr. Elfer requests more time and was granted until Saturday, 12 of October 1895.
     Board authorizes to lease to J. W. Frellsen Sec. 16 in T.13, SR 19E and Sec. 16 in T14, SR 21E for 4 years at $100 year payable at  the beginning of each year.
     Board approves expenses of Superintendent for attending a convention at Opelousas for $24 and the Secretary for $3.70  for postage and stationery. 

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