Sunday, September 19, 2010

German Neighbors in 1724

16.  Johann Fuchs from Berne, Switzerland, Catholic, 38, wife and daughter. Four arpents of land that he paid 250 livres for. About one year on his place. He made no crop due to illness.

17.  Lorenz Ritter, Jr., age 20. Just beginning on eight arpents.

This census does not give the names of orphans living with these families or other Germans working on their farms. The author used other sources to find the names of other early Germans living in the New Orleans area.

1. Michael Zehringer was from Franconia, Bavaria.His name was first found on the passenger list on the ship "Le Dromadaire" in 1720 with 60 other workman. In 1721 he heads the list of "ouviers" of the king as master carpenter. In 1722 he was in Biloxi tearing down a house and found things he had taken from the old fort and hidden there. In 1722 his wife Ursula Spaet died and also his daughter, Salome, who was 18 years old.  In 1723 he married Barbara Haertel the widow of two other men, Magnus Albert and Joseph Balliff. She and Michael had four sons, Michael, Pierre Laurent, Joseph and Jean Louis. In the census of 1731 Michael, his wife and three sons lived in the Sixth District of New Orleans. He had one engage, twelve negroes, four negresses, and 27 cows. He died in 1738.

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