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Inquest Records Book #1 March 1877-December 1886

Page 89.   Inquest was held on the body of Alex Washington on 6 Jun 1884 at Bayou LaBranche before 5th Ward JP Antoine Clark. The jurors' verdict say that Aron Thomas of St. Charles Parish on the 5 Jun 1884 in the peace of the State then and there being Alexander Washington at the hour of 12 o' clock on the Jackson Railroad at a place called Bayou LaBranche did there and then threaten to kill Aron Thomas and with his weapon, a shotgun in his hands with malice aforethought did make an assault and him, the said  Aron Thomas fired and used every effort as to prevent from committing himself left the said Alexander Washington and  flee from there in fear of death could not escape so the said Aron Thomas himself in the preservation of his life against the said Alexander Washington to defend and in his own defense him the said Aron Thomas defended his life by shooting the said Alexander Washington in his jaw and throat with a musket of which  caused death instantly in his own defense. Jurors were William Erwing, Louis Williams, Joseph Eugene, Joseph Schexkemberger, and C. C. A. Stephens, Antoine Clark, 5th Ward JP. Filed J.B. Martin, Clerk.

Page 90.   Inquest was held upon the body of Victor Joseph on 4 Jan 1884, lying dead, before Coy Clinton, 1st Ward JP acting as Coroner. The jurors' verdict is that he came to his death by being frozen to death back of Hahnville. Jurors were Paul Johnston, Charles Thomas, Robert Pierre, Michel Pierre, Bazil Pierre, and Coy Clinton, acting Coroner. J. B. Martin, Clerk. 

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