Saturday, November 20, 2010

Little Red Church--Baptisms

Jon  Bon,  Baptized 21 July 1742
Parents, Isack Bon and Marie Eva Friderich
Sponsors, Jean Conrad Friderich and Anna Barbe Frederich, wife of Nicolas Vichener
Signed, Father Prosper, Cure

Anne Marguerite Bopf, Baptized 21 July 1747
Parents, Jacob Bopf and Marie Magdelaine Antoine
Sponsors, George Drozler and Anne Marguerote Schof, wife of Sr. Ambroise Heidel
Signed, Father Prosper

Marie Anne Bopf, Baptized 31 July 1747
Parents, Daniel Bopf and Anne Marie Weyrichen
Sponsors, Nicolas Mayr and Marie Anne Schantz
Signed, Father Prosper, Daniel Bopf and Nicolas Mayr

Anne Bossier, Born 11 Oct 1754, Baptized 13 Oct 1754
Parents, Pierre Bossier and Magdelaine Rommel
Sponsors, Jean Adam Rommel and Anne Schenio
Signed, Father Prosper, Pierre Bossier dit Lebrun

Marie Francoise Bossier, Baptized 17 June 1753
Parents, Jean Pierre Bossier and Magdelaine Rommel
Sponsors, Francoise Bossier

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Schoolboard Records 4 April 1896

Absent: A. Kinler and A. E. Picard

     Communication from residents of 3/2 regarding the advisability of changing the location of the colored school was read, received, and laid over for further action.
     All bills due and outstanding for building 2 schools in 2/3 and 3/3 are hereby approved and ordered paid, not to exceed $500 each.
     Ninety dollars is appropriated for the purpose of placing lightening rods in all schools owned by the parish.
     Mr. A. Strauss is authorized to paint the school recently erected at Madisonville not to exceed $22.40.

     Teachers appointed:

1st Ward
Trinity White               Miss A. J. Doherty
Freetown Col              Johnson H. Gilmer
Troxler White              Mrs. J. J. Troxler
Hahnville Col               Aaron Brazier

2nd Ward
Fashion White             Miss K. Gilmore
Gassenville White        Miss J.D. Triche
Gassenville Col           G. S. Washington
Madisonville White      Miss M. E Smitts
Madisonville Col         Miss E. Logan

3rd Ward                   
Dolhomer White          Miss M. L. Connely
Prattville Col               Miss V. Pierson

4th Ward
Des Allemands White   Miss E. Porteous
Paradis Col                  Andrew Smith
Boutte White                Miss N. Humphreys

5th Ward
Elkinsville White           Miss K. Gleason
Elkinsville Col               Mrs. D. G. Roussell

     All opened 1st Mon in Feb except colored school at Baumgarden opened following Mon.--teacher changed.

                            to be continued

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WWI Veterans

Mathew Chiro   3,258,743   White
Residence, St. Rose, born Kenner, LA 1896
Inducted, Hahnville 27 June 1918; 162 Dep Brig to discharge, PVT
Discharged 4 Feb 1919, no injuries

Ben Chiulla   1,600,078   White
Residence, St. Rose, born St. Rose, age 23 years
Inducted, Hahnville 8 Sep 1917; Caisson Co #2-312 AM TN to 11 Nov 1917, Btry B 141 FA to 28 May 1918, Btry B, 151 FA to discharge; Camp Beauregard June ARD to 9 July 1918, HQ APO AEF #722 to 
1 Aug 1918, PVT
Served overseas 28 June 1918 to 26 Apr 1919
Discharged 13 May 1919, no injuries


James Joseph   3,303,798   Colored
Residence, Ama, born St. Charles Parish, age 22 10/12 years
Inducted, Hahnville 20 Jun 1918; Co K, I Prov Regt (col) to 13 July 1918, 164 DEP brig to tolfrch, PVT
Discharged 14 Sep 1918 SCD, no injuries, 16 2/3 disabled

Johnnie Ward   3,303,869   Colored
Residence Ama, Born Luling, age 24 2/12 years
Inducted, Hahnville 20 Jun 1918; QMC (at large) to discharge, PVT
Served overseas 20 Aug 1918 to 14 July 1919
Discharged 23 July 1919, no injuries

Friday, November 12, 2010

St. Charles Parish 1883

St. Charles Herald, 28 July 1883

Mr. Otis Chickering, who planned and placed the new underground tile drainage on the Ashton Plantation, is spending a few months at Catskill, N. J. We understand it to be his intention, on his return south, to establish on that plantation, a manufacturing of tiles, etc., which will add greatly to our industrial interests, and encourage our planters to adopt this style of drainage.

We took advantage of the opportunity last Thursday evening on having the company of our energetic village attorney, Charles A. Baquire, Esq. to pay a visit to the store of Solomon Felix, on the left bank, opposite Hahnville. We did not have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Felix, as he was in the city, but his efficient chief deputy, Wm. Armstrong, Esq. was on deck.

The District Court, Civil Term, opened on Monday, the 23 inst. His Honor, Judge Hahn, was on hand, also Counsellors, L. Depoorter, Charles A. Baquire, and James Augustin. The docket was called, and cases fixed for next week. On motion of Mr. Augustin, Mr. Adolph Mojonnier, son of the coroner and acting sheriff, was introduced to the court and sworn in as deputy sheriff; on further motion the court adjourned to Mon. the 30 inst.

It was humorously said that this was in compliment to our efficient deputy sheriff, Mr. J.L. Martin, who on Sunday, 22 inst. was presented by his wife with a bouncing boy weighing ten pounds. He was allowed the week to enjoy his home happiness and recover from the effects of the event. The mother and child are doing well and nothing can equal the sweetness and delicate beauty of the mother except the chubby rounded proportions of the baby. He is a whopper and in time is bound to whip out every Hahnville boy of his size.
                                                                                                                  To be continued


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

German Neighbors in 1724

11.   Hans Reinhard Scheckschneider with his wife and two children sailed from L'Orient. His son Jacob was landed in Brest and died there. Son, Albert, must have been one of the German orphans referred to in the 1724 census. He was the progenitor of the Scheckschneider families.

12.   Jean Zweig, his wife and two children came from Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany. The parents probably died before the 1724 census. The daughter married Joseph Verret. Jean Zweig was listed as Jean Labranche on his marriage contract.

13,14,15. Nikolaus, Christian and Conrad Kugel whose parents died in  L'Orient.

16.   Louis Leonhard.

17.   Paul Anton Mueller from Halle.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Inquest Records, Book #1----March 1877-December 1886

Page 100   Inquest was held on 10 June 1885 on the body of John Baptiste lying dead at the (S)illmore)? Place. The jurors' verdict is that he came to his death by the Visitation of God, there being no marks of violence on his person and no guilt attaches to any person. Jurors were John Harris, Leon Wiseman, David Hymel, Jack Hanna, A. Russet, and Clement Colly, Coroner.

Page 101   Inquest was held on 24 Jan 1885 on the body of Marclous Williams, lying dead at the Morris Web Place. The jurors' verdict is that he came to his death by being sick and destitute, that he was sick for more than a month, having no food, clothes or medicines and was also without the aid of a doctor, the jurors agree that no guilt attaches to any person. Jurors were George Alesc, Joe Robinson, John Smith, Hippole Williams, R. D. Jhanis, and Clement Colly, Coroner.                                                                         

Page 102   Inquest was held on 24 Jan 1885 on the body of an unknown colored boy found drowned in the Mississippi River in front of Davis Plantation. The jurors' verdict is that he came to his death by some unknown cause , there being no marks of violence on his person and therefore no guilt attaches to any person. Jurors were Daniel Perce, Thomas Edward, Eugene Edward, Cas Fleming, Joseph Thomas, and Clement Colly, Coroner.

Monday, November 8, 2010

School Board Records--1895

Superintendents Report for 1895

Seventeen schools were opened (10 for whites and 7 for blacks). There were 1 white male teacher and 9 white female teachers, 4 black male teachers and 3 black female teachers. These teachers have shown themselves more or less attentive to their duties but taken all together they have done fairly well considering the many adverse circumstances under which the schools of this parish labor. It has been the endeavor of the committee of teachers and your Supt. to provide the school with a corps of instructors of the most efficient character by (ineligible) the teachers proving themselves competent during the previous sessions and to carefully examining the credentials and recommendations of those presenting themselves for the first time and except for one or two instances, they seem to have given satisfaction to the patrons of the schools.

{There were} 737 pupils enrolled, 313 white, 424 black. 37% of white and 33% of black children of school age enrolled. More schools need to be opened.

The parish owns 6 school buildings which are in fairly good repair. The other 11 schools are in buildings varying from humble farm negro cabins  to colored church buildings, one and all totally unfit for school purposes and deficient in proper school furniture.

The policy of paying a comparatively large salary to a teacher and then putting her in a dilapidated building without furniture other than a few rough boardseats needs no comment. If the School board cannot provide a schoolhouse to fit the teacher it might save money by providing a teacher at a salary to fit the schoolhouse.

There has been some complaint regarding the location of the school at Freetown in the 1st Ward and I suggest the school be moved to the place called Baumgarden a mile or so lower down where the Board owns a building now occupied by a colored church. There is also much complaint regarding the location at Paradis in the 4th Ward. It is in the Southern Pacific Railroad and sometimes the children are interfered with by tramps. Besides which the congregation of the church are continually threatening  to turn out the teacher. I would recommend that the school be located at Des Allemands or at Boutte, a few miles either way.

Before closing, I desire to say something regarding the salary paid to the teachers. The Board has fixed the salary of the past years at $40 per month without any reference whatever to the capacity or qualification of the teacher, or the number of children taught, or the grade of the school, or the race. No distinction is made between a highly educated white teacher, presiding over a school of 50 or more advanced pupils, and one teaching in a dilapidated cabin with a few children , hardly more advanced than the 2nd reader, and who was appointed because no one else could be found to accept the position. Another point the Board has overlooked is that the colored teachers live more cheaply, and because there are fewer employments open to them, there are always a large number of applicants seeking a place as teacher, consequently they are ready and willing to accept much lower salaries as is shown by the experience of other parishes. For instance we employ teachers from St. James Parish and St. John where they are glad to get $25 or $30 and give them $40. There seems to be no reason in such proceedings. Finally, it is impossible to get 17 teachers of the exact same grade. Some are bound to be better or worse than others, therefore it is hardly wise to fix an unvarying salary for all. The committee on teachers should be allowed the discretion in employing the teachers to fix the salary in accordance with the capacity and grade of the person employed. There is no Parish in the state, not even in the city of New Orleans, that pays a large salary for primary schools and particularly colored schools as this parish and certainly this parish cannot boast of having better taught children than elsewhere, and therefore it is difficult to see why it should spend the money.

                                                                                               (?) Kramer, Supt.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Little Red Church--Deaths

Jean Bar
Buried: 28 Mar 1755

Marguerite Bay
Buried: 2 Sep 1751

Catherine Benich
Buried: 17 Dec 1749

unknown Bernard, age 10
Buried: 28 Jan 1748

Louis Bertrand
Buried: 30 Mar 1750

Marie Jacobine Bertrand, age 18 months
Buried: 7 Nov 1748

Friday, November 5, 2010

Little Red Church--Baptisms

Marie Elizabeth Berterand   Baptized 22 Nov 1753
Parents: Antoine Berterand and Anne Barbe Dervain
Sponsors: Jean Bare and Marie Dervain
Signed: Father Prosper and Jean Bar

Marie Jacobine Bertrand   Baptized 9 May 1747
Parents: Pierre Bertrand and Marie Jacobine Munich
Sponsors: Frederick Toup and Marie Jacobine Charon
Signed: Father Pierre

Pierre Frederique Bertrand   Baptized 1 Jan 1750
Parents: Pierre Bertrand and Marie Jacobine
Sponsors: Pierre Frederique Toups and Marie Barbe Greber
Signed: Father Prosper , Cure

Andre Blanchard   Baptized 29 May 1753
Parents: Gui Blanchard and Catherine Marcon
Sponsors: Andre Immel and Agnes Mayr
Signed: Father Romuald, Cap.

Barbe Boff   Baptized 31 Jan 1740
Parents: David Boff and Marie Weiricher
Sponsors: Andre Schantz and Anne Barbara Friderichine
Signed: Father Prosper

Monday, November 1, 2010

WWI Veterans

Walter J. Champagne   2,918,834   White
Residence Ama, born Ama, LA 1 Dec 1896
Inducted Hahnville 15 July 1918; Co B Camp Martin, New Orleans, LA to 13 Sep 1918; 2nd Co Galveston, Fort Crockett, TX to 18 Oct 1918; Btry A, 8th AA Bn Camp Eustis, VA to 25 Oct 1918; Btry C, 36 Reg CAC to discharge; PVT lcl 14 Oct 1918
Discharged 18 Dec 1918; no injuries

Walter R. Champagne   2,918,835   White
Residence Luling, born Luling, LA 25 Mar 1895
Inducted Hahnville 15 July 1918; Co B Camp Martin, New Orleans, LA to 13 Sep 1918; 2nd Co Galveston, Fort Crockett, TX to 18 Oct 1918; Btry A, 8th AA Bn Camp Eustis, VA to 25 Oct 1819; Btry C, 36th Regt CAC to discharge; PVT lcl 14 Oct 1918
Discharged 18 Dec 1918; no injuries

Willie C. Champagne   4,157,221   White
Residence Boutte, born Ariel, LA 26 July 1890
Inducted Hahnville 22 July 1918; 10th Co Rct Receiving Dep MG Tng Center, Camp Hancock, GA to 22 Aug 1918; 58 Co 5 Group Main TNG Dep to 1 Nov 1918; Co A 55th Div MG BN to 20 Jan 1919; 163 Dep Brig to discharge; PVT
Discharged 1 Feb 1919; no injuries