Saturday, October 1, 2011

St. Charles Parish Inquest Book #1

ZPage 116--Inquest held on 14 Jul 1885 on the body of an unknown colored man lying dead between John Volman aand Frank Harvey Place. The jurors verdict is that he came to his death by being drowned in the Mississippi River. There were no marks of violence on the body. Jurors were Simmon Mathew, Anthony Labranche, Alfred Anderson, Ussin Eugene and Clement Colly.

Page 117--Inquest was held in the city of New Orleans on 20 Jun 1885 before Dr. J.F. Fenney, coroner, on the body of Henry Williams,lying dead at Charity Hospital and after careful autopsy find death to have resulted from a gun shot wound of the abdommen producing internal hemumorrhage. Henry Williams, male,black, native of LA.,age 23, resident of this city since by occupation a laborer residing at Boutte Station, dead of internal hemumorrhage on 29 Jun 1885 at 12 o'clock from a gun shot wound of abdomen. Jurors were A. C. Seymour, Daul Maloney, M.L. Tinney, and J. T. Tinney, MD Coroner.

Page 118--Inquest held on 18 Aug 1885 on the body of Emma Thomas, lying dead at the Oakland Plantation. The jurors verdict is that she came ro her death by sunstroke and not otherwise, there being no marks of violence on her person. The jurors were Chas Ellis, James Harris, Leon Louis, Jesses Zino, and Clement Colly, Coroner.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Red Church--Baptisms

Bourgeois, Jean Louis Born 23 Oct, Baptized 25 Oct 1740
Parents--Jean Baptiste Bourgeois and Marie Cavallier
Godparents--Daniel Pofs and Jean Boucherant
Signed--Fr. Prosper,Cure; Daniel Pofs, Jeanne Boucherant

Bouton, Charles Hyacinthe Baptized 9 Sep 1748
Parents--Jean Baptiste Bouton and Anne Sancie
Godparents--Charles Hyacinth LeBoeuf and Anne Barbe Marx,wife of Pomier
Signed--Fr. Prosper

Bouton, Marie Anne Born 25 Mar, Baptized 26 Mar 1754
Parents--Jean Baptiste Bouton and Marian Sensier
Godparents--Jean Baptiste Montpierre and Marie Anne Dreger
Signed-- Fr. Prosper

Bouton, Marie Francoise Baptized 22 Jul 1746
Parents--Jean Baptiste Bouton and Marie Anne Sancier
Godparents--Francois Poche and Marie Monpiere
Signed--Fr. Pierre Monpiere

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Red Church--Burials

Ciffert (Ziffert),Barthelemie, Buried 4 Jan 1754
Native of Hausgainen
Fr. Prosper, Cure

Clero,Pierre, Buried 20 Mar 1743
F. Pierre

Conrad,Andre, Buried 4 Nov 1754
Age 8 days
Fr. Prosper

Cure,Jacques, Buried 24 Sept 1747
Native d'Orleans
Fr. Prosper

Thursday, September 22, 2011

St. Charles Parish Inquest Book #1--March 1877-December 1886

RPage 113--Inquest held on 29 May 1885 on the body of Jacob Warnner lying dead at Bealmon Place. Jurrors verdict is that he came to his death by natural visituation of God and not otherwise. There being no marks of violence on his body and no guilt attaches to any person. Jurors were John Alexander, Alex Jupiter, Jh (G?)ailes, Abe Alexander, Stephen Moore and Clement Colly, Coroner.

Page 114--Inquest held on 23 June 1885 on the body of Jh. James, colored, lying dead in front of Alise Plantation. The verdict of the jurors is he came to his death by some unknown disease. Being a stranger about here, but gave the name as A. Jn. James before he died, a native of Alabama,the deceased was about 5 feet 6 inches of height and about 35 years of age. Jurors were Joseph Williams, Jacko Joseph, Antoine Robberson, Baptiste Johnson, Isaac Brown and Cement Colley, Coroner.

Page 115--Inquest was held on 7 July 1885 on the body of Ben Harriaon lying dead on the Jackson RR at the 25 mile post. The jurors verdict is that he came to his death by being run over by the cars on the Jackson RR and no guilt attaches to any person. Jurors were James McChutchen, R. H. Hull, Joseph Hopkins, Henry Warner, Amoes Williams and Clement Colly, Coroner.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

St. Charles Parish Inquest Records Book #1--March 1877-December 1886

Page 110--Inquest on 12 Jun 1885 on the body of an unknown white man lying dead at Boutte Station at a place known as Michle Lockey Store. The jurors verdict is that he came to his death by a gunshot wound by Michele Laque. Jurors were Chas E. Petre, A. Johnson, Jim Barler, A.D. Johnson, Romeo fils, and Clement Colly, coroner.

Page 111-- Inquest held on 14 April 1885 on the body of Celestine Hampton lying dead in the rear of Davis Place about 1 1/2 miles from the river. The jurors verdict is that he came to his death by the natural visitation of God and not otherwise, there being no marks of violence on the deceased Celestin Hampleton and no guilt attaches to any person. Jurors were John Robertson, Claborn Stanly, Simon Sullivan, Chas Haize, James Smith and Clement Colly, coroner.

Page 112--Inquest held on 13 June 1885 on the body of Morgan Carter (at the Denoult Place), a convict in the camp of Captain Hayden. The jurors verdict is that he became sunstruck, there being no marks of violence on his person and no guilt attaches to anyone. Jurors were Chestester Davis, J. M. Dorsey, Joseph Williams, Usnin Paque, Andrew Carter and Clement Colly, Coroner.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

St. Charles Parish Police Jury--1897

13 July 1897--Police Jury met pursuant to a call issued bu President. Present, A.E. Picard, Madere, Kenner, Kuhlman and Youngs. Dr. N.C. Stephans was invited to address Jury. On motion of Mr. Picard, 2nd Mr. Madere the following resolution was adopted. Whereas complaint has been made to the Jury, to the effect that Julis Isaac, lesse of the Ferry No. 1, has on several occassions violated the Police Jury ordinances, relative to public ferries, Be it resolved that the lease of Ferry #1 to Julis Isaac be declared forfeited. On motion of Mr. Madere, 2nd by Mr. Kuhlman, the President is hereby authorized to lease Ferry #1 privately for the unexpired term. The President sold said Ferry #1 to Dr. N.C. Stephen for the sum of 50 cents.

14 July 1897--Board of Reviewers met. The protest of Charles E. Alter, owner of the Ormond Plantation in the parish against thee assessment made by the assessor of said property, was taken up and after due consideration Mr. Kenner moved to reduce said assessment from $22,000 to $18,000. No 2nd to motion. On motion of Mr. Kuhlman, 2nd by Mr. Madere the assessors figures were sustained. The protest of Mr. J. C. LeBourgeois was taken up and after due deliberation the figure of $18,000 was sustained.

The protest of the Pecan Grove Plantation property of Citizens Bank of Louisiana was taken up. Motion of Mr. Kenner the assessment of $9000 was sustained. The assessment of Davis Plantation owned by Citizens Bank of Louisiana and on the motion of Mr. Madere the assessment of $10,000 was sustained.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Acadian Ships from France to Louisiana in 1785

The names of these ships were Le Bon Papa, Le Bergere, Le Beaumont, St. Remi, L' Amitie, La Caroline, and La Ville d' Archangel.

Le Bon Papa departed from France on 10 May 1785 and arrived in Louisiana on 29 July 1785.

La Bergere departed from France on 12 May 1785 and arrived in Louisiana on 15 Aug 1785.

Two of my ancester families were on this ship. Family #1 Jean Charles Terriot, age 22, day laborer. Family # 22 Marie Jeanne Richard, widow Landry, age 46, with daughters, Marie Magdeleine, age 16 and Rose, age 10. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

St. Charles Parish --Inquest Records Book #1--Mar 1877-Dec 1886

Page 106--Inquest was held on 13 Mar 1885 on the body of Dan White lying dead on the Freletson Place. The jurors' verdict was that he came to his death by the nocturnal visitation of God and no guilt attaches to any person. Jurors were Peter Henry, Alet Mitchell, John Robertson, Joseph Henry and Clement Colly, Coroner.

Page 107--Inquest was held on 3 Apr 1885 on the body of an unknown white man lying dead at the low line of the parish near the Loy Lanoue PLace. The jurors' verdict is that he came to his death by accidental drowning in the Mississippi River, there being no marks of violence on his body. Jurors were Chester Davis, Jorden Thorp, Jule Isacc, Septine Johnson, Henry Matheu and Clement Colly, Coroner.

Page 108--Inquest was held on 29 Nov 1884 at Des Allemands, before Joseph B. Freeman, JP, acting as coroner, upon the body of an unknown white man there lying dead. Juror' verdict was that he came to his death from pneumonia caused by unneccessary exposure. Jurors' were Achille Garner, Lorence Dash, Cezar, John Brown and Joseph B. Freeman, acting coroner.

Page 109--Inquest was held on 3 May 1885 on the body of an unknown colored man lying dead in front of the Freedlander PLace. The jurors' verdict is that he came to his death from a blow from some unknown persons, afterwards was thrown in the Mississippi River. The said blow having fractured the skull bone of the deceased and therefore was murdered by some unknown person or persons. Jurors were Jacko, fils, Sam Joseph, Peter Muny, Victor Robertson and Clement Colly, Coroner. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Red Church--Burials

Breaux, Pierre Belledeaux, native of Tours
Buried 8 Jun 1740
Signed--Fr. Prosper

Brou, George, age 10 1/2 years
Buried 1 Nov 1754
Signed--Fr. Prosper

Cheval, Francois
Buried 8 Apr 1748
Signed--Fr. Prosper

Caston, Joseph, age 3 years
Buried 22 Sep 1748
Signed--Fr. Prosper

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little Red Church-- Burials

Bethelerinne, Catherine
Spouse of Bernard Antoine
Buried--10 Nov 1748
Signed--Fr. Prosper

Infant of Jacques LeBorne and Genevieve Bettemont
Buried--4 Feb 1749
Signed--Fr. Prosper, Cure

Boff, Anne Marguerite
Died--18 Jul 1743, aged 11 years
Buried--19 Jul 1743
Signed--Fr. Pierre

Son of Antoine Boucherant and Jeanne Cheval
Buried--25 Jun 1743
Signed--Fr. Pierre

Boucherant, Antoine
Buried--9 Nov 1748
Signed--Fr. Prosper

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Little Red Church--Baptisms

Bossier, Marie Francoise, Baptised 17 Jun 1753
Parents--Jean Pierre Bossier and Magdelaine Rommel
Sponsors--Francois Bossier,father's brother and Reine Rommel, Mother's sister.
Signed--Fr. Prosper, Jean Pierre Bossier

Boucherant, Jeanne, Baptised 10 May 1746, Born 1 May
Parents--Antoine Boucherant and Jeanne Cheval
Sponsors--Francois Cheval, grandfather and Marguerite Colomba, grandmother
Signed--Fr. Pierre

Boucherant, Marie Francoise, Baptized 27 Sept 1748, Born 30 Jun
Parents--Antoine Boucherant and Marie Jeanne Cheval
Sponsors--Francois Cheval and Marie Anne Cheval, wife of Sr. Germain
Signed--Marianne Cheval, F. Prosper, Cure

Bourgeois, Andre, Baptized 5 Jan 1753
Parents--Andre Bourgeois and Jacobine Munick
Sponsors--Christian Sohn and Anne Marie Sohn
Signed--Fr. Prosper, Andre Bourgeois

Monday, September 5, 2011

Inquest Record Book #1 March 1877-Dec 1886

Page 103--Inquest was held on 22 Feb 1885 on the body of an unknown white man found drowned in the Mississippi River in front of Lone Star Plantation. The jurors verdict was that the deceased was about 35 years of age and having no identification came to his death by being drowned in the Mississippi River, cause unknown. Jurors were Henry Fry, Jacko,fils, Sam Joseph, Jos,fils, G. Williams and Clement Colly, Coroner.

Page 104--Inquest was held on 25 March 1885 on the body of Marie Lavergne, lying dead at the residence of Mr. Leopold Lavergne. The verdict of the jurors is that she came to her death by committing suicide by hanging herself by the neck with a rope and that guilt attaches to no person. Jurors were J. C. Triche, Abe Strauss, Claiborne Strawily, Ed LeBoeuf, Robert Pierre, and Clement Colly, Coroner.

Page 105--Inquest was held on 31 Mar 1885 on the body of Frank Johnson lying dead between the 30th and 31st mile posts on the Morgan LA and TX RR. The jurors verdict is that he came to his death by accidentally falling from a tree while gathering moss and that no guilt attaches to any person. Jurors were Achille James, John Williams, Adolph Scott, Christophe Weniplay, Jonna Ward, and Clement Colly, Coroner.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Monument dedication of first black high school

Monument dedication for first black high school set Saturday

A group of citizens led by graduates of the 1951 class of Hahnville Colored High School will see erected on Saturday afternoon a monument in memory of that school.

A brief ceremony is planned at 3 p.m. in front of the Hahnville VFD station on the site of the school at Lincoln and Pine Streets to unveil the monument.

The first high school for Negro children was established in St. Charles Parish beginning in 1947 when the existing school at that site added on grades.

In June 1951, eleven students graduated, becoming the first colored graduating class in the history of St. Charles Parish, according to the marker.

Emcee for the ceremony will be former Superintendent of Schools Stanley Berard. Parish President Albert Laque will deliver a welcoming address and remarks will be made by  Supt. Thomass Tocco.

The graduates included Gladys Alexander, Ernest Boyle, Norman Boyle, Clayton Byrd, Norbert Green, Lorraine Mathieu, Alvin Pierre, Earl Robertson, Joyce Rousseve, Andrew Smith and Bernice Turner.

Teachers included Mary C. Allen, Jessie M. Bryant, Delores Crandell, Gwendalyn Rachell, Lester Relf, Bertha Sorapuru, Marie Weber, Edna M. Williams, and Sadie Willis. Principal was Helen B. Smith and supervisor was Raymond K. Smith. Superintendent of schools at the time was Richard Vial, Jr.

Smith will be on hand as well to give a history of the school, as well as Helen Smith, principal of the school. Former student Bernice Turner Champagne will also deliver an address and District One School Board Member Alfred Green will make closing remarks.

The granite monument was cosponsored by St. Charles Public Schools, St. Charles Parish Council and Parish President Laque.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

St. Charles Parish Courthouse Records

Marriage                       1816

Conveyance                 1836

Succession                   1806
       Probate and Wills

Notarial                        1811

Mortgages                    1920   

Friday, September 2, 2011

St. Charles Parish Courthouse Records

Sellected List of St. Charles Parish Church Records

Ama--St. Mark Church, 1974--; Mount Zion Baptist Church, 1878--

Des Allemands--St. Gertrude Church, 1955--

Destrehan--St. Charles Borromeo, 1739-1755 (located in Archdiocese Archives) and 1896--

Hahnville--Bethlehem Baptist Church, 1937--; Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, 1877--; Philadelphia Second Missionary Baptist Church, 1937--; True Vine Baptist Church, 1918--; St. James Methodist Episcopal Church, 1891--

Luling--St Anthony of Padua, 1961--;  Bell Baptist Church, 1927--; St. Mary Baptist Church, 1902

Norco--Sacred Heart of Jesus, 1959

Paradis--St. John the Baptist, 1971

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

St. Charles Parish Colonial Record Books

Records are organized by Judges.

Karl Darensbourg                               1734-1765
Francois DeBellisle                            1770-1782
Jacques Maicot                                  1782-1794
Antoine St. Amand                             1795-1805
Achille Trouard                                   1805-1806
Pierre St. Martin                                 1807-1811
Andre La Tour                                    1812
Francois Basile                                   1813-1816
Claud de Jean                                     1817-1822
Jean M. Morel Guirmond                   1822-1831
Jean La Branche                                1831-1844
Francois Chaix                                  1845-1853
Emile Tastet                                      1854-1860
Celicourt St. Martin                          1861-1863
Peter J. Kramer                                 1864-1865
T. T. Boudoin                                   1866-1871                         

Monday, August 29, 2011

1860 Parish Officials

Emile Taster, Parish Recorder, age 42, born in South Carolina.

Joseph Brou, Tax Collector, age 33, born in Louisiana.

Severe Borne, Deputy Sheriff, age 30, born in Louisiana.

Celicour St. Martin, Sheriff, age 37, born in Louiiana.

Jacques Rouselle. Parish Assessor, age 26, born in Louisiana,

Alexandre Baudier, Justice of the Peace, age 35, born in Louisiana.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


1.Louis Ranson                                    05/21/1866-06/07/1866
2.Victor Laurant                                   06/08/1866-07/13 1868
3.M. Morgans                                       07/14/1868-08/15/1871
4.J.G. Badenhouser                               08/16/1871-08/24/1871
5.M. Morgans                                        08/25/1871-12/17/1872
6.George Essex                                     12/18/1872-09/30/1878    
7.Owen McLeran                                  10/01/1878-11/04/1878
8.Clement Colly                                    11/05/1878-04/20/1880
9.B.Similion LaBranicke                      04/21/1880-04/22/1883
10.Ernest Lafitte                                    04/23/1883-09/07/1883
11.T,T, Baudouin                                   09/08/1883-04/21/1884
12.Lewis Ory                                          04/22/1884-01/27/1903
13.Anthony Madere                                01/28/1903-04/15/1912
14.J.S. Patterson                                      04/16/1912-04/17/1912
15.Leon C. Vial                                       04/18/1912-03/28/1939
16.Ralph A. Dubroca                               03/29/1939-04/17/1944
17.Leon C. Vial, Jr.                                  04/18/1944-03/02/1964
18.John O. St.Amant                                03/03/1964-06/30/1972
19.Julius B. Sellers, Jr.                             07/01/1972-06/08/1976
20.John O. St.Amant                                06/09/1976-11/29/1979
21.Herbert P. LeRay, Jr.                           11/30/1979-06/30/1980
22.Charles Connell Wilson                       07/01/1980-06/30/1984

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teachers in 1860 census

1. F.O. Lutzchaunig born in England. He lived on plantation of E. S. Broaddus in the First District.
2. Francois de Mailliez born in France.
3. Elizabeth Hylisted born in Sweden.
4. Theodule Baudoin born in Louisiana.
5. Maria Korndorffer. She lived on Ory Plantation.
6. Alonzo Perret born in Louisiana.
7. Alcebiade Duropau born in Louisiana.

Monday, August 22, 2011

57 Occupations in 1860 Census

1.  Apprentice Mason                            29.Justice of the Peace  
2.  Apprentice Saddler                           30.Keeps a Woodyard
3.  Assistant Overseer                            31.Mason
4.  Assistant Postmaster                         32.Master Carpenter
5.  Baker                                                 33.Master Mason
6.  Blacksmith                                        34.Nurse
7. Bricklayer                                          35.Midwife
8.  Brick Moulder                                  36.Overseer
9.  Butcher                                             37.Parish Assesor
10.Carpenter                                          38.Parish Priest
11.Cigar Maker                                     39.Parish Recorder
12.Clerk                                                 40.Physician                                               
13.Clerk of Court                                   41.Plantation Manager
14.Contractor                                         42.Planter
15.Cook                                                 43.Rail Roader
16.Cooper                                              44.Sawyer
17.Deputy Sheriff                                  45.Schoolmaster
18.Farm Laborer                                    46.Sea Captain
19.Farmer                                               47.Seamstress
20.Ferryman                                           48.Ship Carpenter
21.Gardener                                           49.Shoemaker
22.Grocer                                               50.Surveyor
23.Groom                                               51.Tailor
24.Hotel Clerk                                       52.Tax Collector
25.Hotel Keeper                                     53.Teacher
26.House Keeper                                    54.Watchman
27.House Servant                                   55.Washerwoman
28.Hunter                                               56.Wood Chopper
                                                               57.Wood seller

Sunday, August 21, 2011

People from 23 Countries in St. Charles 1860 Census

Africa--2; Austria--1; Bavaria--3; Belgium--3; Denmark--1; England--6; France--19; Genoa--2;      Guiana--1; Ireland--12; Italy--1; Jamacia--2; Maderia--1; Martinique--4; Mexico--2; Poland--1;  Portugal--1; Prussia--4; Sardinia--2; Spain--1; St. Domingo--9; Sweden--1; Switzerland--6.              

Lack of Posts

I've been off the computer not so much due to illness, but pain from several sources. FINALLY, it seems that we've found medicine that works that I don't have trouble taking and I'm going to use acupuncture.

I still have so much more information about St. Charles Parish that I'd like to share.