Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Little Red Church--Baptisms

Bossier, Marie Francoise, Baptised 17 Jun 1753
Parents--Jean Pierre Bossier and Magdelaine Rommel
Sponsors--Francois Bossier,father's brother and Reine Rommel, Mother's sister.
Signed--Fr. Prosper, Jean Pierre Bossier

Boucherant, Jeanne, Baptised 10 May 1746, Born 1 May
Parents--Antoine Boucherant and Jeanne Cheval
Sponsors--Francois Cheval, grandfather and Marguerite Colomba, grandmother
Signed--Fr. Pierre

Boucherant, Marie Francoise, Baptized 27 Sept 1748, Born 30 Jun
Parents--Antoine Boucherant and Marie Jeanne Cheval
Sponsors--Francois Cheval and Marie Anne Cheval, wife of Sr. Germain
Signed--Marianne Cheval, F. Prosper, Cure

Bourgeois, Andre, Baptized 5 Jan 1753
Parents--Andre Bourgeois and Jacobine Munick
Sponsors--Christian Sohn and Anne Marie Sohn
Signed--Fr. Prosper, Andre Bourgeois

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