Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Red Church--Baptisms

Bourgeois, Jean Louis Born 23 Oct, Baptized 25 Oct 1740
Parents--Jean Baptiste Bourgeois and Marie Cavallier
Godparents--Daniel Pofs and Jean Boucherant
Signed--Fr. Prosper,Cure; Daniel Pofs, Jeanne Boucherant

Bouton, Charles Hyacinthe Baptized 9 Sep 1748
Parents--Jean Baptiste Bouton and Anne Sancie
Godparents--Charles Hyacinth LeBoeuf and Anne Barbe Marx,wife of Pomier
Signed--Fr. Prosper

Bouton, Marie Anne Born 25 Mar, Baptized 26 Mar 1754
Parents--Jean Baptiste Bouton and Marian Sensier
Godparents--Jean Baptiste Montpierre and Marie Anne Dreger
Signed-- Fr. Prosper

Bouton, Marie Francoise Baptized 22 Jul 1746
Parents--Jean Baptiste Bouton and Marie Anne Sancier
Godparents--Francois Poche and Marie Monpiere
Signed--Fr. Pierre Monpiere

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