Friday, September 16, 2011

Acadian Ships from France to Louisiana in 1785

The names of these ships were Le Bon Papa, Le Bergere, Le Beaumont, St. Remi, L' Amitie, La Caroline, and La Ville d' Archangel.

Le Bon Papa departed from France on 10 May 1785 and arrived in Louisiana on 29 July 1785.

La Bergere departed from France on 12 May 1785 and arrived in Louisiana on 15 Aug 1785.

Two of my ancester families were on this ship. Family #1 Jean Charles Terriot, age 22, day laborer. Family # 22 Marie Jeanne Richard, widow Landry, age 46, with daughters, Marie Magdeleine, age 16 and Rose, age 10. 

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