Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Inquest Records Book #1--March 1877 to December1886

Page 78.   Inquest was held on the body of Minoletti Giovinnie on 19 Nov 1883, lying dead in front of Kelona Plantation, before Coy Clinton, Justice of the Peace, 1st Ward. The juror's verdict say he came to his death whilst under the influence of liquor, was struck and beaten over the left temple with a blunt instrument in the hands of an unknown party or parties, which caused instant death. The jurors were Henry Grey, Joe Taylor, Randall Hirsch, Lee Morris, James Sanders and Coy Clinton, JP.

Page 79 through 83.   Blank pages.

Page 84.   Inquest was held on the body of an unknown white man on 28 Apr 1884, Found dead, floating in the Mississippi River at the upper end of the Davis Cravasse, (break in the levee) before C.C.A. Stephens, justice of the peace, 2nd Ward.Juror's verdict was that he was killed by the hands of someone, finding both arms broken above the wrist and a penetrating wound in the right jaw and the right arm  by the shoulder blade. Jurors were Griffen Presbley, Arthur W. Hamilton, Clerk.

Pahe 85.   Inquest was held upon the body of Virginia Jackson on 8 March 1884 lying dead at Magnolia Ridge before J.B. Freedman, 4th Ward Justice of the peace,acting coroner. The juror's verdict was that she came to her death from maternal hemorrhage caused by severe coughing and pneumonia. Jurors were Achille Garner, Joseph Price, James Taylor, Sr., Alexander Hill, J.M. Barler and Jos. B. Friedman, 4th Ward JP. and acting coroner, filed by J. C. Triche, Dy. Clerk and J.B. Martin, Clerk.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Board of Review--St. Charles Parish Police Jury

6 July 1897--Board of Reviewers met and examined the assessment list of the 1st Ward.

7 July 1897--Board of Reviewers met. On motion of Mr. Kuhlman, seconded by Mr. Picard, it is ordered that the Ellington Planting Co., Ltd be notified to show cause on the 15th day July 1897 why their assessment should not be increased. Mr. Picard moved to reconsider the above motion to raise, which was continued until tomorrow. Assessment lists of 2nd Ward taken up for consideration.

8 July 1897--Board of Reviewers met. On motion of Mr. Kenner, seconded by Mr. Picard, the assessment of Mr. George S. Washington was taken up for consideration and the assessment was reduced from $200 to $150.  

Friday, August 27, 2010

Baptisms of Little Red Church copied by Alice Forsyth & Charles Ramond

Andere, Antoine Joseph, born 20 Dec 1741; baptized 18 Apr 1742
Parents--Antoine Joseph Andere and Madelaine Marie Schmidt
Sponsors--Joseph Fossier and Marie Pere
Signed--Fr. Prosper, Cure; Fossier; Marie Pere

Andre, Guillaume, born 11 Jan1746; baptized 30 Jan 1746
Parents--Antoine Joseph Andre and Marie Magdalaine Schmidt
Sponsors--Guillaume Lange (Officer) and Marguerite Metzes, spouse of de Darensbourg, Commander
Signed--F. Pierre; Andre; M. M. Lange

Andre, Jean, born 14 Oct 1739; baptized 16 Oct 1739
Parents--Antoine Joseph Andre and Madelaine Schmidt
Sponsors--Joseph Blancpain and Jeanne Boucherante
Signed--Blancpain; F. Prosper, Cure

Thursday, August 26, 2010

WWI Veterans St. Charles Parish

John Busalacchi   1,609,200   White
Residence Luling, Born St. Gabriel, LA 17 Nov 1895
Inducted 28 May 1818, Co I, 156 Inf tp 21 Sep 1918; Co C,355 Inf to discharge, PVT lcl 16 Nov 1818
Served overseas 22 Aug 1818 to 22 May 1819
Discharged 5 Jun 1919   no injuries

Martin Brown   1,619,756   Colored
Residence Hahnville, Born Hahnville, LA 26 Sep 1896
Inducted Hahnville, 25 Sep 1818, Col Cos Det Camp Beauregard, LA to discharge. PVT
Discharged 23 Jan 1819   no injuries

Henry Bryant   2,343,374   Colored
Residence Taft, Born Hahnville, LA 22 Oct 1890
Inducted St. Charles Parish 16 July 1818,  161 Dep Brig to 2 Aug 1818; Aug Repl Draft Camp Grant, Ill to Ill to 15 Sep 1818; Prisoner of War Escort #48 to 18 Feb 1819; 155 Dep Brig to discharge. PVT
Served overseas 22 Aug 1818 to 24 Feb 1819
Discharged 17 Apr 1819   no injuries

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inquest Records Book #1--March 1877 to December 1886

Page 74.  Inquest was held on 23 Mar 1883 on the body of Alick Morris at Flaggville, lying here dead in the jail. The jurors' verdict is that he died of inflammation of the lungs. The jurors were Jos. Stein, George Stafford, Spencer Smith, (H)?llent  White, Max Hornbacker and Coy Clinton, JP

Page 75.  Inquest was held on the body of an unknown colored girl, lying dead. on 8 June 1883 in front of  A. Gassen, on the batture, before 2nd Ward Justice of the Peace. The jurors' verdict is that she came to her death by accidently drowning, her body found floating in the river, The jurors were Charles Gassen, Achille Gassen, Joe Alexander, John Mongrue, and C. C. A. Stephens, JP  2nd Ward.

Page 76.  Inquest was held on the body of Octavie Dennis on 23 July 1883, found floating in the river in front of Davis Plantation. The jurors' verdict was that she came to her death by being drowned. Jurors' were C.C. A. Stephens,JP, 2nd Ward, Faustin Nicholas, Louis Washington, (?)vst Labranche, Martin Antoine and Lambert Tho(?).

Page 77.  Inquest was held on the body of an unknown colored man on 22 Nov 1883. here lying dead at Ormond Plantation, before Reuben B. Smith, Justice of the Peace, 5th Ward. The jurors' verdict was that he came to his death by violent murder, by unknown parties, his left eye knocked out. Found in his pocket, one deck passage ticket of the Steamer of the Whisper, one razor, the sum of two dollars and 35 cents. The jurors were Jim Washington, Harrison Roe, Benson Styrs, Wilson Styrs, Aaron Talbot, and Ruebin B. Smith, JP.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Census for German families in 1721

In a report signed 24 Nov 1721 "the German families which may compriseabout 330 persons of all sexes and ages are located twelve leagues above New Orleans to the left on going up the river on a very good soil.The Germans are divided into three bourgs or towns. As these people are very industrious it is hoped that this year they will have an abundant harvest and that they will succeed in coming years in making settlements in the colony."

Saturday, August 21, 2010

German Neighbors in 1724

I am only giving the names of the German settlers outside of St. Charles Parish. There were French and Canadian settlers among the Germans.

10.  Peter Schmidt from the Palatinate, Catholic, 34, his wife,his brother-in-law, age 17. Three arpents cleared which he had bought for 400 livres.

11.  Bartholomaeus Yens ?, of Cologne, Catholic, 25, a brewer, his wife and child. Three arpents cleared.

12.  Claude Baillif from Picardy.

13.  Joseph Baillif of Dieux in German Lorraine,22, his wife. Eight arpents cleared which he bought for 250 livres. His widow married Michael Zehringer.

14.  Nik. Schmitz of Frankfort, Catholic, 40, his wife, two daughters of 18 and 6. Eight arpents which he bought for 800 livres. He made a good levee and is a good worker.

15.  Peter Bayer, Catholic, 23, his wife. Two arpents of land which he bought for 210 livres. He gave up the land he had from Governor Bienville.He brought all his things with him. He made two barrels of rice and some girammons, which was all he had left after he paid Bienville. He is a good worker and satisfied with his small piece of land.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Neighbors in St. John in 1860, continued by J. W. Dorr

     There are a large number of fine estates in St. John---as the "Belle Point" place of A . Deslonde, "Mount Airy", owned by Joseph Lebourgeois, "Esperance" place, by Dr. Loughborough, and others not inferior, if not dignified with names. Among the heavy planters of the parish are the following, and most of them are heavy; Thomas May, Jr., Octave Hymel, Francis Webber & Co., V. B. Marmillion, L. Becknel, Col. Whitehead, Dr. A. G. Wiendahle, A. LaBranche, A. Deslonde, Samuel Hollingsworth & Co., J. Picou & Co., L. Montegut, Louque Delhommer, Similien LaBranche, E. Daunnois, F. Vicknair & Bros., E. B. Marmillion, David Adams, Dr. Loughborough, Welham & Godberry, Joseph Lebourgeois and M. Perilloux. The planters, constituting the staple population of the parish, are, almost to a man, of the old Creole gentleman type---hospitable, chivalrous and high-spirited. The Anglo-Americans are few.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Board of Reviewers--July 5, 1897

The police jury acting as a Board of Reviewers met on 5 July 1897.

On motion duly seconded the reviewing of the assessment lists submitted by the assessor were fixed for action as follows:
1st Ward--Tues the 6
2nd Ward -Wed the 7
3rd Ward--Thur the 8
4th  Ward--Fri the 9
5th Ward-- Tues the 13 and the protests of Charles E. Alter and J. C. LeBourgouis were fixed for Wed the 14.

Police Jury Minutes--Book A--July 5, 1897

5 July 1897--H. L. Youngs, President

     President called Mr. J. C. Triche to act as Sec. Pro Tem. Minutes read and approved. President declared nomination of Secretery in order.
     Mr. Picard nominated Mr. Emanuel Bestoso as Secretery; Mr. Kenner nominated Mr. T. B. Sellers as Secretery.
     Voting for Bestoso were Picard, Madere and Kuhlman and for Sellers, Kenner and Youngs. President declared Mr. Bestoso duly elected Secretary.
     Report from Parish Treasurer. Balance on hand May 6, $4989.10; vouchers paid $579.76; present balance $4409.34, Layous Gassen, Parish Treasurer.
     A petition from the taxpayers of this parish was read and received.. On motion of Mr. Picard, seconded by Mr. Kenner, the following resolution was adopted: Resolved that a road leading from the public road in the 1st Ward of this parish and back to the Freetown Station on the Texas and Pacific Railroad be opened.Resolved that said  road shall be laid out by a jury of freeholders consisting of 6 inhabitants of the Parish viz--J. R. Hymel, O. E. Picard, Ed. Roche', O. B. Danjean, Louis Labat, and F. Vial, who are hereby appointed for that purpose.
     On motion of Mr. Khlmam, the President is authorized to advertise for bids to repair the Boutte road.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WWI Veterans

Joseph Brown   2,567,135   colored
Residence Hahnville, born Hahnville, LA  26 11/12 years
Inducted Hahnville 27 Apr 1918; 162 Dep Brig to 10 Jun 1918; Co C, 318 lab Bn QMC to discharge;   PVT lcl 9 Jun 1918; served overseas 29 Jun 1918 to 27 Jun 1919
Discharged 18 Jul 1919   no injuries

Walter Brown   2,118,537   colored
Residence Paradis, born Hahnville, LA 27 7/12 years
Inducted Hahnville 30 Mar 1818; 162 Dep Brig to discharge
Discharged 24 Dec 1818, no injuries

Issac Buggage   2,118,539   colored
Residence Moberly, St. Charles Parish, born Plattenville, LA 24 4/12 years
Inducted Hahnville 30 Mar 1918; Co D 254 Engrs to discharge; PVT lcl 1 Jul 1918, Corp 13 Aug 1918; served overseas 10 July 1918 to 12 Jun 1919
Discharged 2 Jul 1919, no injuries


Monday, August 16, 2010

School News 1897

The St. Charles School Board met on April 3,1897. Members present were A. E .Picard, T. J. Sellers, J. Baudouin, and H. L. Younger. Absent were L. A. Keller, P. M. Kenner, and A. Gassen.

Mr. Baudoin reported on the fence at Fashion and a communication was received from Hon. J. McNeese, superintendent from Calcasieu Parish.

It was reported that a building belonging to the school board is situated on the Trinity Plantation and that the plantation was advertised to be sold on April 17, 1897 at the suit of George Binder vs. Louis LeSassier et als, heirs of  H. A. LeSassier without said building being removed. The president of the school board was authorized to enter suit in the distrist court to enjoin the seizing creditor and sheriff from selling said building.

Fifty dollars was authorized to pay extra expenses for the school building at Fashion. These are a cistern for $20, galvanized guttering , $10; brick foundation for cistern, $3; whitewashing, $5; black board; painting the ceiling and the cistern, $7.

The superintendent was authorized to correspond with Mrs. J. Dejan to get prices and condition of school benches.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Inquest Record Book #1--March 1877-December 1886

Page 70.  Inquest was held on 3 Mar 1883 on the body of Davis Smith who was found dead at his house, in his bed, on the plantation in this place, known as the Caineleaux Plantation, in the 1st Ward, before the Justice of the Peace. The jurors verdict is that he came to his death due to craust(sic) or colic. The jurors were H. C. Johnson, George Walter, Joe Joseph, Henry Robinson, William Blue, and Coy Clinton, 1st Ward, JP.

Page 71.  Inquest was held 24 Mar 1883 before the 1st Ward Justice of the Peace, Coy Clinton, having been notified of the death of a female colored, aged about 100 years and having gone by the name of Charity, residing at L. D. Broussards. The jurors verdict was that no guilt attaches to any person and she died of old age and a natural death. Jurors were J. Stein, L. C. Broussard, L. G. Broupaw, Francois Jupiter, Jr. and Coy Clinton, JP.

Page 72 and 73.  Inquest was held on the body of Ben Moore on 26 Mar 1883, here lying dead at Hymelia Plantation fronting S. Hymel Store before Justice of the Peace, 1st Ward Coy Clinton. The jurors' verdict is that Ben Moore came to his death by one David Drew, late of St. Charles Parish, Hymelia Plantation on the 25 Mar 1883 about 11 o'clock. David Drew with force and arms feloniously(sic) and violently and malice of forethought made an assault of Ben Moore there with a carbain(sic) knife, which the said David Drew then and there in his hands ??? Ben Moore in and upon the left part of the breast between the second and third rib from the colar(sic) bone of the neck of Ben Moore, then and there violently, feloniously and of his malice and aforethought struck and pierced and gave to Ben Moore then and there with the knife one mortal wound about 1/2 inch and the depth of 5 inches, of which Ben Moore instantly died and David Drew killed him. Jurors were Jos. Stein, Joseph Faunce, Seraphim Hymel, M. G. Cox, Madesson Green and Coy Clinton,JP.