Thursday, August 19, 2010

Police Jury Minutes--Book A--July 5, 1897

5 July 1897--H. L. Youngs, President

     President called Mr. J. C. Triche to act as Sec. Pro Tem. Minutes read and approved. President declared nomination of Secretery in order.
     Mr. Picard nominated Mr. Emanuel Bestoso as Secretery; Mr. Kenner nominated Mr. T. B. Sellers as Secretery.
     Voting for Bestoso were Picard, Madere and Kuhlman and for Sellers, Kenner and Youngs. President declared Mr. Bestoso duly elected Secretary.
     Report from Parish Treasurer. Balance on hand May 6, $4989.10; vouchers paid $579.76; present balance $4409.34, Layous Gassen, Parish Treasurer.
     A petition from the taxpayers of this parish was read and received.. On motion of Mr. Picard, seconded by Mr. Kenner, the following resolution was adopted: Resolved that a road leading from the public road in the 1st Ward of this parish and back to the Freetown Station on the Texas and Pacific Railroad be opened.Resolved that said  road shall be laid out by a jury of freeholders consisting of 6 inhabitants of the Parish viz--J. R. Hymel, O. E. Picard, Ed. Roche', O. B. Danjean, Louis Labat, and F. Vial, who are hereby appointed for that purpose.
     On motion of Mr. Khlmam, the President is authorized to advertise for bids to repair the Boutte road.

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