Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Inquest Records Book #1--March 1877 to December1886

Page 78.   Inquest was held on the body of Minoletti Giovinnie on 19 Nov 1883, lying dead in front of Kelona Plantation, before Coy Clinton, Justice of the Peace, 1st Ward. The juror's verdict say he came to his death whilst under the influence of liquor, was struck and beaten over the left temple with a blunt instrument in the hands of an unknown party or parties, which caused instant death. The jurors were Henry Grey, Joe Taylor, Randall Hirsch, Lee Morris, James Sanders and Coy Clinton, JP.

Page 79 through 83.   Blank pages.

Page 84.   Inquest was held on the body of an unknown white man on 28 Apr 1884, Found dead, floating in the Mississippi River at the upper end of the Davis Cravasse, (break in the levee) before C.C.A. Stephens, justice of the peace, 2nd Ward.Juror's verdict was that he was killed by the hands of someone, finding both arms broken above the wrist and a penetrating wound in the right jaw and the right arm  by the shoulder blade. Jurors were Griffen Presbley, Arthur W. Hamilton, Clerk.

Pahe 85.   Inquest was held upon the body of Virginia Jackson on 8 March 1884 lying dead at Magnolia Ridge before J.B. Freedman, 4th Ward Justice of the peace,acting coroner. The juror's verdict was that she came to her death from maternal hemorrhage caused by severe coughing and pneumonia. Jurors were Achille Garner, Joseph Price, James Taylor, Sr., Alexander Hill, J.M. Barler and Jos. B. Friedman, 4th Ward JP. and acting coroner, filed by J. C. Triche, Dy. Clerk and J.B. Martin, Clerk.

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