Monday, August 16, 2010

School News 1897

The St. Charles School Board met on April 3,1897. Members present were A. E .Picard, T. J. Sellers, J. Baudouin, and H. L. Younger. Absent were L. A. Keller, P. M. Kenner, and A. Gassen.

Mr. Baudoin reported on the fence at Fashion and a communication was received from Hon. J. McNeese, superintendent from Calcasieu Parish.

It was reported that a building belonging to the school board is situated on the Trinity Plantation and that the plantation was advertised to be sold on April 17, 1897 at the suit of George Binder vs. Louis LeSassier et als, heirs of  H. A. LeSassier without said building being removed. The president of the school board was authorized to enter suit in the distrist court to enjoin the seizing creditor and sheriff from selling said building.

Fifty dollars was authorized to pay extra expenses for the school building at Fashion. These are a cistern for $20, galvanized guttering , $10; brick foundation for cistern, $3; whitewashing, $5; black board; painting the ceiling and the cistern, $7.

The superintendent was authorized to correspond with Mrs. J. Dejan to get prices and condition of school benches.

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