Saturday, August 21, 2010

German Neighbors in 1724

I am only giving the names of the German settlers outside of St. Charles Parish. There were French and Canadian settlers among the Germans.

10.  Peter Schmidt from the Palatinate, Catholic, 34, his wife,his brother-in-law, age 17. Three arpents cleared which he had bought for 400 livres.

11.  Bartholomaeus Yens ?, of Cologne, Catholic, 25, a brewer, his wife and child. Three arpents cleared.

12.  Claude Baillif from Picardy.

13.  Joseph Baillif of Dieux in German Lorraine,22, his wife. Eight arpents cleared which he bought for 250 livres. His widow married Michael Zehringer.

14.  Nik. Schmitz of Frankfort, Catholic, 40, his wife, two daughters of 18 and 6. Eight arpents which he bought for 800 livres. He made a good levee and is a good worker.

15.  Peter Bayer, Catholic, 23, his wife. Two arpents of land which he bought for 210 livres. He gave up the land he had from Governor Bienville.He brought all his things with him. He made two barrels of rice and some girammons, which was all he had left after he paid Bienville. He is a good worker and satisfied with his small piece of land.

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