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Inquest Record Book #1--March 1877-December 1886

Page 70.  Inquest was held on 3 Mar 1883 on the body of Davis Smith who was found dead at his house, in his bed, on the plantation in this place, known as the Caineleaux Plantation, in the 1st Ward, before the Justice of the Peace. The jurors verdict is that he came to his death due to craust(sic) or colic. The jurors were H. C. Johnson, George Walter, Joe Joseph, Henry Robinson, William Blue, and Coy Clinton, 1st Ward, JP.

Page 71.  Inquest was held 24 Mar 1883 before the 1st Ward Justice of the Peace, Coy Clinton, having been notified of the death of a female colored, aged about 100 years and having gone by the name of Charity, residing at L. D. Broussards. The jurors verdict was that no guilt attaches to any person and she died of old age and a natural death. Jurors were J. Stein, L. C. Broussard, L. G. Broupaw, Francois Jupiter, Jr. and Coy Clinton, JP.

Page 72 and 73.  Inquest was held on the body of Ben Moore on 26 Mar 1883, here lying dead at Hymelia Plantation fronting S. Hymel Store before Justice of the Peace, 1st Ward Coy Clinton. The jurors' verdict is that Ben Moore came to his death by one David Drew, late of St. Charles Parish, Hymelia Plantation on the 25 Mar 1883 about 11 o'clock. David Drew with force and arms feloniously(sic) and violently and malice of forethought made an assault of Ben Moore there with a carbain(sic) knife, which the said David Drew then and there in his hands ??? Ben Moore in and upon the left part of the breast between the second and third rib from the colar(sic) bone of the neck of Ben Moore, then and there violently, feloniously and of his malice and aforethought struck and pierced and gave to Ben Moore then and there with the knife one mortal wound about 1/2 inch and the depth of 5 inches, of which Ben Moore instantly died and David Drew killed him. Jurors were Jos. Stein, Joseph Faunce, Seraphim Hymel, M. G. Cox, Madesson Green and Coy Clinton,JP.

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