Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Neighbors in St. John in 1860, continued by J. W. Dorr

     There are a large number of fine estates in St. John---as the "Belle Point" place of A . Deslonde, "Mount Airy", owned by Joseph Lebourgeois, "Esperance" place, by Dr. Loughborough, and others not inferior, if not dignified with names. Among the heavy planters of the parish are the following, and most of them are heavy; Thomas May, Jr., Octave Hymel, Francis Webber & Co., V. B. Marmillion, L. Becknel, Col. Whitehead, Dr. A. G. Wiendahle, A. LaBranche, A. Deslonde, Samuel Hollingsworth & Co., J. Picou & Co., L. Montegut, Louque Delhommer, Similien LaBranche, E. Daunnois, F. Vicknair & Bros., E. B. Marmillion, David Adams, Dr. Loughborough, Welham & Godberry, Joseph Lebourgeois and M. Perilloux. The planters, constituting the staple population of the parish, are, almost to a man, of the old Creole gentleman type---hospitable, chivalrous and high-spirited. The Anglo-Americans are few.

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