Friday, November 5, 2010

Little Red Church--Baptisms

Marie Elizabeth Berterand   Baptized 22 Nov 1753
Parents: Antoine Berterand and Anne Barbe Dervain
Sponsors: Jean Bare and Marie Dervain
Signed: Father Prosper and Jean Bar

Marie Jacobine Bertrand   Baptized 9 May 1747
Parents: Pierre Bertrand and Marie Jacobine Munich
Sponsors: Frederick Toup and Marie Jacobine Charon
Signed: Father Pierre

Pierre Frederique Bertrand   Baptized 1 Jan 1750
Parents: Pierre Bertrand and Marie Jacobine
Sponsors: Pierre Frederique Toups and Marie Barbe Greber
Signed: Father Prosper , Cure

Andre Blanchard   Baptized 29 May 1753
Parents: Gui Blanchard and Catherine Marcon
Sponsors: Andre Immel and Agnes Mayr
Signed: Father Romuald, Cap.

Barbe Boff   Baptized 31 Jan 1740
Parents: David Boff and Marie Weiricher
Sponsors: Andre Schantz and Anne Barbara Friderichine
Signed: Father Prosper

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