Saturday, November 20, 2010

Little Red Church--Baptisms

Jon  Bon,  Baptized 21 July 1742
Parents, Isack Bon and Marie Eva Friderich
Sponsors, Jean Conrad Friderich and Anna Barbe Frederich, wife of Nicolas Vichener
Signed, Father Prosper, Cure

Anne Marguerite Bopf, Baptized 21 July 1747
Parents, Jacob Bopf and Marie Magdelaine Antoine
Sponsors, George Drozler and Anne Marguerote Schof, wife of Sr. Ambroise Heidel
Signed, Father Prosper

Marie Anne Bopf, Baptized 31 July 1747
Parents, Daniel Bopf and Anne Marie Weyrichen
Sponsors, Nicolas Mayr and Marie Anne Schantz
Signed, Father Prosper, Daniel Bopf and Nicolas Mayr

Anne Bossier, Born 11 Oct 1754, Baptized 13 Oct 1754
Parents, Pierre Bossier and Magdelaine Rommel
Sponsors, Jean Adam Rommel and Anne Schenio
Signed, Father Prosper, Pierre Bossier dit Lebrun

Marie Francoise Bossier, Baptized 17 June 1753
Parents, Jean Pierre Bossier and Magdelaine Rommel
Sponsors, Francoise Bossier

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