Friday, November 12, 2010

St. Charles Parish 1883

St. Charles Herald, 28 July 1883

Mr. Otis Chickering, who planned and placed the new underground tile drainage on the Ashton Plantation, is spending a few months at Catskill, N. J. We understand it to be his intention, on his return south, to establish on that plantation, a manufacturing of tiles, etc., which will add greatly to our industrial interests, and encourage our planters to adopt this style of drainage.

We took advantage of the opportunity last Thursday evening on having the company of our energetic village attorney, Charles A. Baquire, Esq. to pay a visit to the store of Solomon Felix, on the left bank, opposite Hahnville. We did not have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Felix, as he was in the city, but his efficient chief deputy, Wm. Armstrong, Esq. was on deck.

The District Court, Civil Term, opened on Monday, the 23 inst. His Honor, Judge Hahn, was on hand, also Counsellors, L. Depoorter, Charles A. Baquire, and James Augustin. The docket was called, and cases fixed for next week. On motion of Mr. Augustin, Mr. Adolph Mojonnier, son of the coroner and acting sheriff, was introduced to the court and sworn in as deputy sheriff; on further motion the court adjourned to Mon. the 30 inst.

It was humorously said that this was in compliment to our efficient deputy sheriff, Mr. J.L. Martin, who on Sunday, 22 inst. was presented by his wife with a bouncing boy weighing ten pounds. He was allowed the week to enjoy his home happiness and recover from the effects of the event. The mother and child are doing well and nothing can equal the sweetness and delicate beauty of the mother except the chubby rounded proportions of the baby. He is a whopper and in time is bound to whip out every Hahnville boy of his size.
                                                                                                                  To be continued


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