Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Schoolboard Records 4 April 1896

Absent: A. Kinler and A. E. Picard

     Communication from residents of 3/2 regarding the advisability of changing the location of the colored school was read, received, and laid over for further action.
     All bills due and outstanding for building 2 schools in 2/3 and 3/3 are hereby approved and ordered paid, not to exceed $500 each.
     Ninety dollars is appropriated for the purpose of placing lightening rods in all schools owned by the parish.
     Mr. A. Strauss is authorized to paint the school recently erected at Madisonville not to exceed $22.40.

     Teachers appointed:

1st Ward
Trinity White               Miss A. J. Doherty
Freetown Col              Johnson H. Gilmer
Troxler White              Mrs. J. J. Troxler
Hahnville Col               Aaron Brazier

2nd Ward
Fashion White             Miss K. Gilmore
Gassenville White        Miss J.D. Triche
Gassenville Col           G. S. Washington
Madisonville White      Miss M. E Smitts
Madisonville Col         Miss E. Logan

3rd Ward                   
Dolhomer White          Miss M. L. Connely
Prattville Col               Miss V. Pierson

4th Ward
Des Allemands White   Miss E. Porteous
Paradis Col                  Andrew Smith
Boutte White                Miss N. Humphreys

5th Ward
Elkinsville White           Miss K. Gleason
Elkinsville Col               Mrs. D. G. Roussell

     All opened 1st Mon in Feb except colored school at Baumgarden opened following Mon.--teacher changed.

                            to be continued

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