Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Louisiana Settlers in 1778

A good book to read about early LA is "Louisiana: The Land and Its People" by Dr. Sue Eakin and Monie Culbertson, Pelican Publishing Co., Gretna, LA, 1986

On page 154 I found this interesting information. "A royal decree in 1778 encouraged settlers to come to Louisiana. The head of each family was given a land grant of 5 arpents fronting a stream. He could own as far back as he could clear. The allotment also included one bushel of corn for each adult and half a bushel for each child for the first year. Each family received a hoe, an axe, a scythe or sickle, a spade, ten hens and a cock, and a two month old pig."

I sure am glad I started out with a little more than that.

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