Monday, July 19, 2010

School News--1897

The board met on 5 Mar 1897 to elect a president to succeed Mr. T. T. Baudouin. Mr. H. L. Youngs was elected president pro tem. All board members were present and unanimously elected Mr. Youngs as president.

The resignation of Mr. T. T. Baudouin was accepted and a note of thanks will be tendered to him for past services and expressing the regret that the board feels from his resignation.

The board president was authorized to sign the warrant for payment of a building at Fashion.

Mr. A. E. Picard was appointed a member of the committee on teachers to succeed Mr. Youngs.

Mr. J. Baudouin was authorized to buy pickets and build a fence around the new school at Fashion and to also have a gate made.

Bills were approved for payment to Gaston Debotte for repairs on the school at Killona for $7 and to W. O'Leary for repairs on the Gassen School for $4.75.

A motion was approved to have dinners served at the meetings with the cost not to exceed $4.

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