Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1724 Census--German Neighbors

4.  Andreas Krestmann (Christmann) from Augsburg, wheelwright, his wife, two sons, 10 and 12 years, two orphan girls, 8 and 15 years, 6 arpents land, two years on place. A cow, a heifer, a calf and three pigs. He is industrious and is at work fencing in his cleared land. He made a good levee and paid in advance the workmen who made it for him at a cost of 100 pistoles. Deserves a Negro.

These last four men occupied one section of Bienville's land up to Napolean Ave. The next group started about the upper line of Audubon Park.

5.  Simon Kuhn of Weissenburg, Ansbach, Bavaria, his wife, daughter, son-in-law, Daniel Hopf, age 20 of Cassen, Diocese of Spire, orphan boy, 12. A cow, calf and three pigs. One year on land. Had to change land twice, forced to give up cabin on account of water. Good worker. Oldest daughter, Anna, was the widow of  Johann Adam Zweig (Labranche) who died in Biloxi. She had a daughter of 12 years.

6.  Thomas Lesch (Leche) has three arpents land.  He married Anna Schoderbecker of Wurtemberg in 1725 in New Orleans. In 1726 he had a wife and one engage.

7.  Joseph Strantz with three arpents.

8.  Mueller with six arpents.

9.  Johann Weber, 24, born near Fort Kehl, Baden, his wife, mother-in-law and orphan girl,16. A cow, a heifer, a bull and four pigs. One year on place. His wife was Maria Stadler, daughter of Ulrich and Maria Stadler, who all came to Louisiana together.

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