Tuesday, July 20, 2010

St. Charles Parish--1883

"St. Charles Herald", 14 July 1883

A steam ferry is coming to the Harvey Canal.

The moss factories in Gretna are quite busy cleaning and baling moss. Much moss comes from Boutte in St. Charles and is here properely cured, cleaned and baled and then sold to local speculators and shipped to Europe and the west.  Mr. Chapsky, of St. Charles, is a competitor in the business. He has an excellent moss pickery at the Boutte road on the river where he bales a large quanity and ships it principally to the west.

On Wednesday evening Rev. Father Jobard tied the silken knot between our esteemed friends, Mr. Thomas Casey of Ashton Plantation and the charming Miss Lizzie Teichert, so well and favorabbly known in Hahnville.

The piece of road fronting John Mongrue's place near Gassen's store is impossible. Last Thursday evening Mr. Baque's horse and buggy stuck in the middle of the puddle and it was with some difficulty that with some difficulty that both owner and horse were extricated.

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