Thursday, July 8, 2010

Inquest Records Book 1, March 1877- December 1886

Page 64.  Inquest was held 7 Nov 1882 at Star Plantation, on the body of A. Williams by Coy Clinton, Justice of the Peace, 1st Ward. The jurors verdict is that he came to his death by Diarha(sic), caused by inseperance(sic). Jurors were Gus Stewart, Randall Hunt, Ginn Williams, Alex Gillerm, Rev. H. C. Johnson and Coy Clinton.

Page 65. Inquest was held on the 11 March 1883 on the body of Joseph Clendon at Ashton Plantation, before the 2nd Ward Justice of the Peace. Jurors verdict is that he was killed by two gunshot wounds inflicted in the head and in the right eye, wounds being about an inch and a half apart, one penetrating through the skull and emerging the top of the head, either one of which could be fatal. Wounds were inflicted by a 44 calabre(sic) British Bull Dog pistol in the hands of Morgan Flowers, who is now in custody of the Sheriff. Jurors were M. R. B(ene)?, Charles Gassen, Louis Thomas, John H. Bacehux, F. J. Casey,(Cele)?, A. Stephens, 2nd J.P.

Page 66.  Inquest was held on 26 Dec 1882 on the body of Paul Ben who was found dead in his bed on the Mary Plantation in the first ward. The verdict of the jurors was he died of penonumomia(sic) of the lungs. Jurors were Timothy Aikens, Eugene Mitchell, Joseph Lagnson, Felix Brown, Jos. Stein, Joseph B. Friedman, Dy. Coroner.

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