Sunday, July 11, 2010

1883 in St. Charles Parish

Continuing with the 7 July 1883 edition of the "St. Charles Herald."

     We are pleased to state, that owing to the energy displayed by our polite and attentive grocer, Mr. C. Roullier, the citizens of Hahnville, can enjoy every Saturday evening and Sunday, ice cream, cakes, etc.
     We have received, through the kindness of our energetic butcher, Mr. Charles Block, from A. V. Williams, Esq., manager of Milliken and Kearney Plantation, about 5 miles above Hahnville, a blue ribbon stalk of sugar cane, 1 1/4 inch thick and 5 feet high, not including the foliage, and containing 6 well-developed red joints. We challenge any one to take the ribbon.
     Since the above was written we have received from Mr. J. S. Brady of the John A. Morris' Ashton Plantation, a stalk of sugar cane containing 7 well-developed red joints and the joints are longer than those of the former cane.
     We regret to know of the lack of public interest displayed by our Police Jury, at their meeting of Monday last, in not appropriating a small amount or providing in a prompt and effective manner by having the State Law enforced for the roads and bridges, which are a disgrace to our parish. We are both to feel compelled to mention this subject once more and certainly would not do so if there was no money in the parish treasury, but as this is not the case, with all due deference to our friends, the members of the police jury, we are constrained to believe that this is a matter of false economy on their part, which we trust they will not fail to reconsider favorably.

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