Friday, July 9, 2010

School News--13 Feb 1897 continued

The committee on teachers submitted the following names of teachers they appointed.
First Ward--Miss A. J. Dougherty at Trinity white school; Mrs. T .J. Troxler at Troxler white school; J. H. Gilmer at Baumgarden black school and Miss K. Gilmore at Hahnville white school.

Second Ward--A. W. Brazier at Flagville black school, Miss M. J. Jenkins at Fashion white school, Mrs. J. D. Triche at Gassonville white school; G. S. Washington at Gassonville black school; Miss K. G. Hanley at Madisonville white school and Miss Egenia Logan at Madisonville black school.

Third Ward--Miss M. McCall at Keller white school and Miss V. Pierson at Prattsville black school.

Fourth Ward--Miss Beauvois at Boutte white school; Andrew Smith at 28 Mile Post black school and Miss Effie Porteous at Des Allemands white school.

Fifth Ward--Miss K. Gleason at Elkinsville white school and Mrs. D. R. Russell at Elkinsville black school.

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