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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Various Information from 1883

This information published in the St. Charles Herald, 21 July 1883

     We have received from Mr. Leon Sarpy, left bank, a fine stalk of sugar cane, containing seven well developed red joints.
     The water tank which was located near St. Charles Station on the Texas and Pacific Railroad has been removed to Davis Station, below Hahnville.
     Special attention is called to the circular issued by J. W. Fairfax, World's Fair and Cotton and Exposition, to be held in New Orleans.
     Evening bathing in the Mississippi River is now the fashionable sport and recreation of Hahnville's boys. Better or more healthy exercise, at proper times, they could not have.
     Hahnville needs a permanent doctor. Dr. Elmore, although doing very well here, considering our general good health, has accepted greater inducements and moved to St. John. If any young doctor, of good character, wishes to be located in a pleasant place and be satisfied with a moderate practice, Hahnville offers him the best inducements.
     The committee appointed to examine the accounts of the late B. L. Labranche, sheriff and ex-officio tax collector, and settle with his sureties made their report to that body on the 2d. inst. The deceased was indebted to the parish in the sum of $2,063.09 subject to about $511 due him by the parish. It is said that his indebtedness to the state exceeded $2000, which amount the sureties, Messrs. Rost and Sarpy, must pay. The sureties' liabilities amount to about $3500.
     R. Viterbo, Esq., the proprietor of the "Edmee", formerly Luling Plantation, in order to keep up with this age of progress, has obtained a new locomotive to run on the narrow guage railroad, lately constructed, between his place on the riverfront and his sawmill in the rear, 5 1/2 miles distance- for the purpose of transporting lumber and sugarcane from the vicinity of Boutte Station and beyond to be purchased by the ton. It will run on his land also to be of great assistance to him, in conveying his crop of sugarcane, nearly 1000 acres, to his complete and extensive mill near the riverfront.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Police Jury Meeting 2 July 1883

St. Charles Herald 14 July 1883

Proceedings of the police jury meeting, Monday, July 2,1883. Present, Brou, Brady, Sarpy, Boutte and Rost.

      The committee appointed to settle with the sureties of the late B.S. Labranche, sheriff and tax collector made their report . A motion by Brady that the parish treasurer is instructed to make a settlement of the sureties of the late B.S. Labranche in accordance with the recommendations of the committee and that the bills presented by said sureties amounting to $411.35 be accepted as part of the settlement.
      On motion of Mr. Rost, the communication of J.F. Mojonnier,coroner and acting sheriff be received  and the president be authorized to draw on treasurer in favor of Dr. Mojonnier, the sum of $137.80, being the balance on hand for sheriff appropriations as per contract with the late sheriff for quarter ending June 30, 1883, after deducting the cost of provisions and envelopes furnished to his office.
      On motion it was resolved that a syndic for Ward 1 and 3 be elected.
      Motion by Mr. Rost that Messrs. Arthur Brou of Ward 1 and Leon Sarpy of Ward 3 be elected syndics and overseers of the roads and levees of their wards in place of L.D. Broussard, removed and G. Delhommer, resigned.
      On motion by Mr. Sarpy, it was resolved that 50 percent on approved bill of the late George Essex, as sheriff, for services rendered in criminal cases and keeping prisoners during the month of Nov. 1876 being for $285.33 and registered No. 5552 Dec. 1, 1876 be paid to widow of George Essex out of the contingent fund of 1883.
      On motion of Mr. Rost, it was moved that the jury now resolve itself into a Board of Reviewers according to law.
      On motion of Mr. Rost, it was moved that the assessment of Brou Bros. placed on real estate be reduced to $2,300.
      On motion of Mr. Rost, it was resolved that Monday, July 16,1883 be fixed for the examination  and hearing of the case of the Texas and Pacific Railroad Co. and that the superintendent and assessment agent of said company be notified.
      On motion of Mr. Rost, it was resolved that the assessment of the Mississippi Valley Railroad be left out for this year.
      On motion, the Board of Reviewers adjourned to July 16, 1883 to examine the balance of assessments list.