Thursday, October 21, 2010

St. Charles Parish in 1883

St. Charles Herald--21 Jul 1883

Continuing with Bayou Des Allemands Items

     "Both saw mills are hard at work, thus giving our laboring classes employment. A few more such enterprises would be a great benefit to our community.
     The weather at present is very pleasant. Our moss pickers take advantage of same for picking and drying moss. I think a good steam moss ginnery at this point would pay. Moss is very plentiful in these parts.
     Charles A. Baquire and Joseph W. Careu, attorneys at law of this parish honored us with a visit last Thursday.
     At. present we are quiet and peaceable citizens. No fights, no drunks, everybody is happy and the goose hangs high.
     Mr. Hopkins, in connection with his store, has a fine billiard table. The 'boys' are practicing. Lookout for the championship of St. Charles. Send your best players up. 'For information--call me, Mr. Martin, the clerk at the store.' You will find him a little bashful at first, but this wears off further on. If you want to make him blush, ask him when he's going to get married.

     Mr. George Delhommer sends us a large blue ribbon specimen of rice raised by himself.

     The large bay horse belonging to Celestin Hunley, the butcher, died on his way back from Boutte Station last Thursday morning.

     Our district court will commence a civil term on next Monday. There are but a few cases on the docket, the weather is hot, lawyers are lazy and the term continues but a few days. 

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