Thursday, October 14, 2010

German Neighbors--1724

6.  Weisskraemer -This family was from Bavaria and lived near the mouth of the Mississippi River at Fort Balize.

7.  Nic Wichner came to Louisiana in 1720 with wife Therese and a child one year old.  They went to the concession of Le Blanc on the Yazoo River.When Theresa died he married Barbara Friedrich, the widow of Friedrich Merkel. This family became "Vicner", "Vicnair", and "Vickner" families.

8.  Francois Wichner with wife Charlotte and two children, ages 2 and 4 also came to the New Orleans area on the same ship as Nic.

9. Johann George Richner (Rixner) from Germany, came to Louisiana in 1721. His daughter, Margarethe, married a Swiss, Jacob Kindler, in 1728. She died that same year.

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