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Thursday, October 14, 2010

German Neighbors--1724

6.  Weisskraemer -This family was from Bavaria and lived near the mouth of the Mississippi River at Fort Balize.

7.  Nic Wichner came to Louisiana in 1720 with wife Therese and a child one year old.  They went to the concession of Le Blanc on the Yazoo River.When Theresa died he married Barbara Friedrich, the widow of Friedrich Merkel. This family became "Vicner", "Vicnair", and "Vickner" families.

8.  Francois Wichner with wife Charlotte and two children, ages 2 and 4 also came to the New Orleans area on the same ship as Nic.

9. Johann George Richner (Rixner) from Germany, came to Louisiana in 1721. His daughter, Margarethe, married a Swiss, Jacob Kindler, in 1728. She died that same year.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Census of 1724--continued

I've found another publication that contains the early census information for the Germans settling in St. Charles Parish and south LA. "German Ancestors and Patriots of Louisiana, 1722-1803" by Leroy E. Willie, member General Philemon Thomas Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1996

24.  Balthasar Marx of Wullenberg, Palatinate, Catholic, 27, a nailsmith, his wife, 22. His wife had a miscarriage last year. He went to New Orleans to get some salt and had to give a barrel of shelled rice for three pounds. His affairs excellently arranged. Good worker, one and a half arpents cleared. Three years on the place.
     1731-Husband, his wife, two children, one engage, one negro, three cows.
     1775-Jean Simon Marx, son of Balthasar and Marianne Aglae, married Catherine Troxler, daughter of Nicolas Troxler and Catherine Matern (Matherne).

25.  Bernard Wich of Tainlach, Wurtemberg, Lutheran, 46, wife, three children, a boy and two girls, from 13 years down to two months. Two arpents cleared, a pig.
     1731-Two children, one engage, one negro.

26.  Johann Rommel (Rome) of Kinhart, Palatinate, Catholic, 24, a tailor, his wife. One and a half arpents cleared. Three years on place, one pig.
     1728-Jean Rommel baptized.
     1731-Three children, two cows.
**Johann is one of my great-great grandfathers.

27.  Catherine Weller(ine) of Heilbronn, Wurtemberg, 49, widow of August Paul, Lutheran, a tailor. Expecting a child. Alone and poor, has no provisions and needs some assistance. Six verges cleared.

28.  Anna Kuhn (Cohn), widow of Johann Adam Zweig (Labranche), a laborer, Catholic who died in Biloxi. Daughter 12 years old. One and a half arpents cleared. Has no provisions and no seed for next year. Needs some assistance.
      1729-Daughter Anna Margarethe Zweig married Pierre Bridel, a soldier, and native of Bretagne. the marriage entries say she was born in Bollweiler, Alsace.

29.  Magdalena Fromberger of Ingitippil, Suevia, Germany, 50, widow of George Meyer, Catholic. Her son, Nik. Mayer, is crippled but industrious in the cooper trade. He also makes galoshes which are a great help when shoes are scarce. An orphan girl, 20. One and a half arpents cleared. Three years on place, one pig.
     1731-Nik. Meyer--his wife and child, one engage, two negroes, two cows.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Census of the German Coast, continued 1724

2. Conrad Friedrich, of Rothenberg, diocese of Spire.{There is one Rothenberg east of Mannheim} Catholic, 50 years old. Laborer. His wife and children. A daughter 18 years old, youngest child a boy of 5. Gave up first place on account of inundation. A good worker.

1726--Six arpents cleared. Daughter Anna Barbara married Friedrich Merkel from Wurtemberg. Second  husband was Nikolaus Wichner. Descendants became Vicners, Vicnaires, and Vickners.

1728--Daughter Anna Maria married Edward Poupart from Paris.

1731--One child at home. Two negroes and one cow.

1750--Approximate date--Sebastian Friedrich , son of Conrad, married Regina Heidel, daughter of  Ambros Heidel, of St. John Parish. They lived below New Orleans. Descendants became Haydel.

3.  Johann Georg Trousler, age 26, native of Lichtenberg, mason and his wife. Two and one-half arpents cleared. Left  village in rear due to inundation. Absent due to bad health and wife is also sick.  Lost his crop and his house due to fire.His descendants became Troxler and Trosclairs.

1731--Two children. Two negroes and one cow.

4. Johann Georg Bock{Poch}, from Gobcher, Strasbourg, near Fort Kehl in Baden, Catholic, 38 years old, a weaver. His wife and child. One and a half arpents cleared. Two years on place.

1729--Marie Francoise, daughter of J.G. Bock and Catherine Hislinger, baptized.

1731--Three children. One negro.

Next comes two tracts of land abandoned by Lambert and Friedrich.