Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1724 Census continued

43.  Bernhard Reusch (Lauesch)  of  the Palatine, Catholic, 52, his wife, a boy,15 and a girl, 11. A tailor with  one and one half arpents cleared, two years on place, a good worker, two pigs, water caused much damage.
      1731--Four arpents cleared.

44.  Paul Klomp native of Bauerbach, near Karlsruhe, Baden, Catholic, 30, wife, a boy age 2 (age 3 and 1/2) and orphan boy age 12. A laborer with one and one half arpents cleared, three years on place, ground overflowed, has been sick.
     1726--Four arpents cleared.

45.  The Chapel with house and kitchen, a garden. A cemetery about one and one half arpents. It was at the completion of this new cemetery that the cemetery that was the one between the two old villages was abandoned.

46. Adam Smitz (Schmitz) native of Isnen, Suevia, Germany, Lutheran, 44, widower, girl age 9. A shoemaker, two years on place, eight verges cleared, works at trade, making galoshes.

47.  Jean Rodder (Rodler) native of Rastadt, Baden, Catholic, 35, his wife. A locksmith, works at his trade. Deaf. Two years on place, eight verges cleared.
     1726--Four arpents cleared.

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