Monday, April 12, 2010

St. Charles Herald-Guide, Apr. 8-14, 2010

      I'd like to send a thank-you and appreciation to Michelle Stuckey of the Herald-Guide. I contacted her to ask her to run a couple lines in her "What's Happening" column about my blog and she asked me to tell her what I was doing now and why and what led up to it.She used this information to write a very nice article about my genealogical activities. I'd like to welcome my new readers and I hope you will go back to the first articles that start in Jan. 2010. I've made most entries taking only a few minutes to read and also covering five or more subjects a week so that I might reach more people with different interests and hopefully more people like me who are interested in it all. Please send me your comments and sign in as a follower.

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