Saturday, January 30, 2010

Civil War Pensioners in 1924 and 1933 in St. Charles Parish

Placide Baudouin #9374, B, 1 LA Inf Hahnville
Marie U. Rodrigue #9829, Widow of Pierre H., G,30 LA Inf Edgard
Anna L. Stevens #12662, Widow of Newton C., B,GA Cadets Ama

Placide Baudouin #9374; B, 18th LA Inf Hahnville
Mrs. Leopold Gaillot, #12892 Widow of Leopold; E, 18th LA Inf Killona
Cecile Requin Nicholas#13210 Widow of Jean B; G, 30th LA Inf Hahnville
Azoline Rodrigues #8530 Widow of Ursin; A, 18th LA Inf Hahnville
Mrs. Edward Rome #12456 Widow of Edward; B, Winchester LA Destrehan
Anna L. Stevens #12662 Widow of Newton C; B, GA Cadets Ama
Eugenie O. Zeringue #13981 Widow of Berthier; F, 30th LA Inf Ama
Mrs. H. Diogenne Troxler #13011 Widow of H. Diogenne; Pelican Battery Ama

This information comes from "List of Pensioners of the State of Louisiana,1924 and 1933" Introduction by Winston DeVille; origionals at LA State Archives

There are two lists by dates and parishes are in alphabetical order. Many St. Charles residents had families who lived in Lafourche, St. John and St. James and may want to check these parishes as well as others in the state.

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