Thursday, January 28, 2010

School in 1883

School board minutes: in May 1883, the names of the teachers were given as Miss Zulema Bourgeois, Mrs. K. M. Haggerty, Miss Rosa Fleming, Miss Lizzie Terchert, Miss Mary C. Manny, Miss Amanda M. Perkins, Miss Mary E. Pendergast, Miss Elizabeth Townsend, Miss Mary A. Thoroughgood and Mrs. Arabella Dessauers.
The Rev. W. C. Johnson was given permission to use the schoolhouse in the First Precinct of the First Ward for church meetings of the Rising Sun Baptist Church.

St. Charles Herald,7 Jul 1883
The closing exercises of our public schools took place last Friday and Saturday; two of which we were well repaid in attending. We visited Mrs. Kate M.Haggerty's school for whites, somewhat late on Friday evening, but from what we witnessed, it was evident that the scholars had received careful training, as well as diligent attention from their devoted teacher, as was evidenced by the remarkable improvements. Great praise is due to Mrs. Haggerty for the careful supervison of the children, about thirty-five in number, under her charge.

Miss Rosa Fleming, of the colored school of Flaggville, had quite a creditable exhibition on Saturday last, consisting of recitation, orations, songs, hymns, etc. She has over one hundred scholars on the roll, which is certainly too many for one person- but, notwithstanding the large number, they are under very good control and discipline and she is entitled to no small amount of praise.

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