Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Necrology of Mrs. Achille L. Keller

On Monday afternoon, Mrs. Achille L. Keller died after an illness of some 24 hours, and death happening as a thunder clap, for deceased had been in very good health right along, and no later than Sunday had as usual led the choir of Our Lady of the Rosary Church which position she held for the past 25 years or more.
Deceased was the Eldest(sic) daughter of Hon. A. E. Picard and the late Louise Vial. Her demise orphans two daughters attending the Ursuline Convent and a son at Stanislans College.
The funeral was sung at Our Lady of the Rosary Church. Father Pariot officiating, despite the fact of his illness the Father delivered an affecting eulogy.
Internment followed at St. John Cemetery where Rev. T. Stenmans could not but voice his sentiment and condolences as Mrs. Keller had been at the head of the choir when Father Stenmans was our loyal priest and he had also married Mr. and Mrs. Keller.
To the heart broken husband and children and host of sorrowing relatives and friends we extend our sincerest wishes of sympathy.

St. Charles Herald
Saturday, Jan 17, 1920
Sec. 1, Column 5

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