Friday, January 22, 2010

Exercise in T. L. Labranche Court, Continued

Page 2

George Chevalier vs John Chin 30 May 1832

The petition of G. Chevalier (A mort C) praying for the payment of a sum of eighty dollars due him by John Chin of this parish, as his fee for two months work as a carpenter.

May 30th, 1832 and the fifty-sixth of American Independence as the Parish Court of St. Charles order, "Let a summon issue as required and notification be given to the defendant. Parish of St. Charles, May 30th 1832.
T. L. Labranche, ex-officio clerk.

Citation sent on the fourth day of June 1832, the defendant to appear in ten days from the service thereof.

Page 3---George Chevalier, f.m.of c. vs John Chin. Petition returned to court June 11th 1832. Petition of John Chin, in answer to Petition of George Chevalier, praying that said Chevalier be cited before the court and his account reduced, amount ?. Filed June 11, 1832. T. L. Labranche, Judge and ex-officio clerk.

George Chev. F. C. M. vs John Chin

Citation and copy of the petition of John Chin given to the sheriff this day, 11 day of July 1832 and citation of John Chin to appear at this court on 21st instant day of trial.

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