Thursday, January 7, 2010

School Board Records

The earliest school board records in St.Charles Parish start in Oct.1879. This first meeting mentions minutes being read from the last meeting, so we know that there were previous meetings. The school superintendent at this time was T.T. Baudouin. The school board members were Emile Rost, P.M.Kenner, Leon Sarpy, W.C. McCutchin, W.L. Youngs, George Essex, and Pierre D'Arensbourg.
The school treasury had a balance of $333.17. The school board and parish treasurer was S. Robbins. The board agreed to rent out the school building at Davis Place for $5 a month and also authorized the superintendent to rent out the school building at Bayou Bayou Des Allemands. They authorized repairs to the school at Boutte Station.
There were 10 schools in the parish in 1879, but the records don't show where they were located. They each had one teacher. These were Miss Amanda Perkins, Miss E. Jennie Pursell, Miss K.M. Haggarty, Miss Ada Seymour, Mrs. Mary M. Caulfield, Mr. Samuel S. Gordon, Mrs. Mary E. Pendergast, Mr. A.P. Hebert, Mrs. Anabell Dessauer and Miss Leila P. Bruce. Miss Ada Seymour taught in Hahnville.
In Feb.1880, the school treasury had a balance of $88.91 and the board authorized opening 10 schools beginning the first Monday in March for a term not to exceed four months.

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