Thursday, January 21, 2010

School Board News

In April 1880 the school board had a balance of $160.35 in its treasury. A bill was received from Mr. Delphine Rouselle for seven school desks and seats, one teacher's desk and one door lock for school No. 6 for $12. The 10 teachers for 1880 were Miss Amanda Perkins, Miss Nellie Seymour, Mrs. Kate M. Haggerty, Miss Ada Seymour, Miss Mary M. Caulfield, Miss E. Jennie Pursell, Mrs. Mary E. Pendergast, Miss Ida Tharp, Miss Henderson, and Miss Leila P. Bruce.
In Feb. 1881 the school board members were Emile Post, Owen McLesson, W. T. Henry, J. S. Brady, W. J. Youngs, and Leon Sarpy. The board again authorized 10 schools to be opened for a term not to exceed four months beginning in March. The teachers were to be paid not more than $40 per month and the superintendent was to be paid $200 a month.
At the April 1881 meeting the teachers were named. They were Miss Amanda Perkins, Miss Nellie Seymour, Mrs. K. M. Haggerty, Miss Ada Seymour, Mrs. S. N. Marshall, Mrs. E. J. Pursell, Miss Laura Culpepper, Miss Mary Tharp, Miss Rose Fleming and Miss Leila P. Bruce. The school house in Bayou Des Allemands had been rented since the last meeting.
In June 1881 the school term was extended an additional month. The Board voted to sell the Davis Place school with the proceeds to be used to erect a school on board property at Boutte Station. Mr J. L. Boutte, Sr. was appointed to replace Mr. W. T. Henry who had moved.
In Oct. 1881, the superintendent notified the board that the lot and schoolhouse at Davis Place had been sold for $200.
A committee from the Congregation of Mount Zion Baptist Church of the 4th Ward appeared before the board relative to the contemplated erection of a schoolhouse for black children at Boutte Station. The board entered into an agreement with the congrgation that they may use the school building for church purposes in return for repairs and upkeep of the building.

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