Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1724 census continued

30.  Margarethe Reynard (Reinhard), from Bauerbach, Baden, Catholic, 46. Separated from Johann Leuk who lives on the Mississippi. Daughter from first marriage, 7. Seven verges cleared, three years on place.

31.  Catherine Hencke from Horenburg, Brandenburg, Catholic, 50. Widow of Christian Grabert, who died in Biloxi. Daughter, 14, both sick. She needs some assistance and is willing to work. Two arpents cleared.

32. Christian Grabert from Brandenburg, Catholic, 23, wife and orphan boy, 13. Two arpents cleared, three years on place, one pig.
       1726: Christian Grabert, his wife, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and sister. Six arpents cleared.
       1731: Husband, wife, three children, two cows.

33.  Andreas Necker from Dettenhausen, Wurtemberg, Luthern, 36, miller, wife. Two arpents cleared, one year on place, two pigs.

34.  Jacob Oberle from Zabern, Alsace, Catholic, 35. Two arpents cleared, one year on place.

Note: The four arpents occupied by Necker and Oberle were situated between the two old villages and had served as a cemetery; when the German people moved to the river front this cemetery was abandoned, and Necker and Oberle took possession of it a year ago.

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