Thursday, March 25, 2010

St.Charles Parish Inquest Records Book #1

Page 30.  Inquest was held on 24 Aug 1879 on the body of Narcisse Kellup at Bayou Des Allemands before the 4th Ward Justice of the Peace, acting coroner. The jurors verdict was that he came to his death by bad management of the boat and accidentally drowned by heavy weather at the time on Friday, 22 Aug 1879. Jurors were Timothy Akins, He ? Thomas, James Lee, Henry Curtis, Joseph Morehead, Jr., and Domingo Pitre, acting coroner.

Page 31.  Inquest was held on 13 Sep 1879 on the body of an unknown person on the on the batture in front of Fashion Store. The jurors say that the body was found nearly decomposed and seems to have been drowned with no other marks except on the face and neck which could not be ascertained whether it was a wound or eaten by something. On searching the body two letters were found signed 'Your darling wife Hattie' and 35 cents. Jurors were Lewis Ory, Louis J. Lauve, Robert Pierre, Solomon Matis, Frank D. Blood and Jas. Stein, Dy. Coroner.

Page 32.  Inquest was held on the body of a colored man by the name of Joe was held on 12 Oct 1879. So stated he came from Carrolton, LA, and was a ministerial performer. He was drowned  in front of Davis Plantation on 9 Oct and was found on the 12th in front of Louis Gordon Place. The jurors found no marks of violence on his body. The verdict was that he came to his death by accidentally drowning. Jurors were William Johnson, Lewis Clark, Lester Friloux, Valsin Baptiste, James Robinson, and Jos. Stein, Dy. Coroner

Page 33.  Inquest was held on the body of Frank Murry on 4 Jan 1880. On 3 Jan 1880 about 10 p.m. his body was found on the floor and his head on a pan. We find no guilt attached to any person. We find that he came to his death after a lingering disease of cather(sic) and the body was turned over to his friends for burial. Jurors were Fabins P. Peters, Clement Colly, Prosper Williams, Henry Bryant, Samuel Thomas and Jos. Stein, Dy. Coroner.

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