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School News 1877

St. Charles Herald--25 Aug 1877

                                 August 18, 1877

    The members of the Board of School Directors in and for the parish of St. Charles, pursuant to previous adjournment, met this day at the courthouse.
    Present---Messrs. Kenner, Darensburg, McCutcheon, Essex and Baudouin. Absent ---Messrs. Rost, Sarpy, Youngs and Bougere.
    On the motion of Mr. McCutcheon, Mr. Kenner was appointed President pro tem, and the minutes of the previous meeting were then read and approved.
    The reports of the committee on school houses were read, and after due deliberation, it was resolved that the public schools of this parish shall be opened on the first Monday of September next at the following places, to-wit:
      First Ward---In the school house located on the property of Peter Campbell and others.
      Second Ward---In the Hahnville School House, Hahnville Concert Hall, and in the Bethlehem Church just below the Courthouse.
      Third Ward---In the school house located on the property of Aubert Zeringue.
      Fourth Ward---In the school house located on the Louis Labranche plantation.
      Fifth Ward---In the school house located on the Red Church property.
      Sixth Ward---In the house formerly rented from Mrs. Mary Duncan on the Hermitage plantation.
      Seventh Ward---In a church and the house known as the Scott's Store at Boutte Station.
      Being ten schools; two of which, viz; in the Hahnville Concert Hall, and the house known as Scott's Store at Boutte Station, shall be for the instruction of white children exclusively; and the others for colored children.
      The committee on teachers was instructed to hold a meeting for the examination of applicants for positions as teachers as soon as circumstances will allow.
      It was resolved that the committee on school houses is hereby authorized to make all repairs and purchases recommended in their above mentioned reports, and execute all leases for school houses on the terms agreed upon between the said committee and the lessors.
      On motion, duly seconded, it was resolved that the Rev. Robert Butler be allowed the use of the school house on the property of Peter Campbell and others as a church for his congregation, on the condition that he will make all necessary repairs thereto and take good care of the same; provided his meetings for religious worship shall not at any time interrupt with the exercises of the school.
       The meeting was then adjourned to the 1st of September next.
                    T.T. Baudouin, Secretery.

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