Monday, March 1, 2010

Descendants of Charles Savoie

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More information can be found in "Some Late Eighteenth Century Louisianians-Census Records 1759-1796" by Jacqueline Voorhies, "Colonial Settlers Along Bayou LaFourche " and "Louisiana Census and Militia Lists 1770-1798 "by Albert Robichaux.

In these censuses we find the following all in Lafourche Parish:

1795-- Judith Arsenaux, age 60, with Jean Baptiste, age 32, Simon, age 18 and Isabel, age 16.
            Another family is Joseph Savoie, 25, wife Francoise,16.
            Third family is Amadee Savoie,26, with wife Victoria Bourgeois, 22, Pedro,4 and Rosalia,2.
            Fourth is Pedro Bourgeois,26, with wife Maria,19. (Savoie)

1797--Amadee Savoye,27, with wife Victoire,23, Pierre, 5 and Rosalie, 3.
           Jean Baptiste Savoie, 33, with wife Rose Landry,21,and Jean Baptiste,1.
           Judith Arseneaux, widow,61,Simon,19 and Isabelle,17.

1798--Mede Savoie, 29, with wife Rose (incorrect)should be Victoire,25, Pierre,7 and Rose,4.
           Joseph Savoye,23, with wife Francoise,18, and Joseph,1
           Jean Baptiste Savoye,33,with wife Rose,22,and Francois,1.

There was another Savoy in Opelouses, Joseph, probably the brother of Charles.

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