Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Census of 1724---continued

The "First" Old German Village which is one and a half miles from the Mississippi River and adjoins the "second" village.

35. Andreas Schenck from Saxony, 35, Lutheran, farmer, prevost of a village, his wife and child, age 2. Land at discretion. Always serves with the troops as a musician.
      1727. Andreas Schenck, wife and two children.

36. Marcus Thiel from Bergwies, Silesia, 43, Lutheran, shoemaker, his wife. Land at discretion. He is always sick.

37. Moritz Kobler from Berne, Switzerland, 64, Calvinist, butcher, his wife. He served for thirty years in France in Swiss regiments. Land at discretion. He wants to return to France.
     1729 . Kobler's widow, Emerentia Lotterman, of Berne, married in this year to Jacob Weisskraemer, from Bavaria, whose wife as well as his parents, Abraham and Magdalena Weisskraemer, had died at Fort Balize at the mouth of the Mississippi River. In 1745, Jacob Weisskraemer married in Point Coupee, Margarethe Francoise Sara, the widow of one Jolier.

38. Karl Friedrich D'Arensbourg, 31, "captain reforme", an orphan boy from 10-12 years old. A cow and a calf from the company and a bull  belonging to him, two pigs. Twelve arpents, not much cleared from lack of force.

The census says that the village just mentioned had been founded by 21 German families, that some had died and others had moved to the river front, after having been drowned out by the great hurricane three years before. Schenck, Thiel, and Kobler seem to have come from the second village. This is why they had their land at discretion. But these three men want to leave and move to the other village (the second one). The 14 families still living in the second village, nearer the river, were all doing well, except the widows, and did not think of moving.

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