Saturday, March 27, 2010

School News for 1886 from School Board Minutes

       In January 1886 the board received a report that 606 children had been enrolled in 1885; there were 135 white children and 471 black children. The board agreed to open 11 schools in February for a term of six months. There were five schools for white children and six for black children. The teachers were to be paid not more than $40 a month.
      A petition signed by A. Guilaume, C.A. Bourgeois, M.L. Cox and Coy Clinton from the Baumgarten school area was presented. They said the school was in dilapidated condition and they asked the board to allow them to use the building for a Sunday school and private school at the end of the public school term in return for making all repairs needed.
      The teachers for 1886 were named at the April board meeting. They were Miss Zulema Bourgeois, Mrs. K.M. Haggerty, Miss P.A. Clanton, Miss Georgia Phillips, Mrs. M.C. Aitkens, Mrs. L.A. Evans, Miss Louiza White, Miss M.A. Thoroughgood and Mrs. M. Lawton.
      Schools mentioned at this meeting were on Longue's Plantation and on Mrs. Lawton's Property.  Visiting trustees were appointed for each ward. They were Ward 1, Joseph Stein and Charles A. Bourgeois; Ward 2, Arthur Robbins and Charles Gassen; Ward 3, P.M. Kenner and Schiller Marstires; Ward 4, R.E. Coche and William Taylor; Ward 5, James Williams and Harrison Roe.

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