Thursday, March 11, 2010

School News

St. Charles Herald Newspaper--19 July 1884

Another term of five months has just expired and the public schools of this parish are again closed. There were 104 white and 488 colored children enrolled during the term, making a total of 592 pupils. The average attendance for the first half of the session was, as usual, better than the latter part. The expenditures for maintaining the schools during the session just closed are as follows:
  • Teacher's salary               $1,712.00
  • School house rent            $     50.00
  • Incidental expenses          $     47.55
  • Superintendent's salary     $   100.00
  • Total                                $1,909.55
St. Charles Herald Newspaper--23 Aug 1884

We have been requested by our friend, Mrs. K.M. Haggerty, who was quite ill in the city, but is now much better, to state that she would open her school here on the first Monday of September.

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