Saturday, February 27, 2010

Civil War and St. Charles Parish

According to "Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers" by Andrew B. Booth written in 1920, battles or skirmishes fought in St. Charles Parish between 1861-1865 were
1. Bonnet Carre--Oct 19, 1862
2. Boutte Station--Sept 5, 1862
3. Des Allemands--July 18, 1863
4. Des Allemands Bayou-- June 20,22 and Sept 4,1862
5. St. Charles Courthouse--Aug 29, Sept 7,8 and Oct 5, 1864

 This book is available at the public libraries and the soldiers are listed in alphabetical order. When you have your family traced back this far, be sure to see if your ancestors fought in the Civil War in Louisiana .


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